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Reese hands out electronic babies to teenagers, and finds out that Noah may have a crush on her.

Natalie projects her guilt about leaving the baby so much onto a single mom whose little boy turns out to have scurvy.

Will's father takes a turn for the worse and is brought in by Will and Connor. His relationship with both of his sons leaves something to be desired, and miscommunication based on assumptions about each other has stressed their relationship pretty far. Connor manages to get Pop to admit that he's proud of Will, despite the attitude he gives him. He also expresses his desire for a relationship like theirs with his own father to Will, who can't believe it. Will gets into trouble with Nina when she hears about his father's hospitalization from Nat instead of him.

Connor is concerned about Robin's increasingly erratic behavior, but Dr. Charles seems unconcerned -- or at least that's how he presents himself to his daughter's beau. Robin brushes her father's concern off until she tries to show him proof of the rats in Connor's condo, only to open up empty napkins. Charles implores her to see somebody about what's going on.

Choi treats a teenager who is repressing his sexual desires due to his strictly religious upbringing, which is causing him to obsess over blond girls. He was beat up at school after he was caught peeping on the girl's shower room. He asks Choi and Charles if he could be chemically castrated so as to stop his sexual desires. He's been stalking a girl at school and is afraid he's going to hurt somebody. The parents adamantly object. After he has surgery to repair a broken orbital bone, Choi finds him standing over a young blond girl asleep in her hospital bed. Choi confronts him, and tells him to leave, but the boy grabs a pair of scissors and castrates himself in the girls bathroom. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

I'm gonna take medical advice from somebody who wet the bed till he was nine?

Pop Halstead [to Will]

Daniel [about a teenage patient, Elliot]: I mean, I think he could definitely benefit from therapy, but I'm not ruling out those meds.
Ethan: Chemical castration, really?
Daniel: It's temporary, Ethan. Raping somebody isn't.