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Will doesn't take the news that his mentor has been admitted to the ED very well, and insists on treating irregardless of the harm the treatment itself may cause Sharon is finally able to get through to him, and he decides to let his mentor go so she won't suffer any more. Nat comforts him with a friendly hug in the locker room; Nina observes and gets the wrong idea.

While treating a young boy, Rhodes has to deal with the patient's difficult father and his fawning resident. When the boy develops complications after the first procedure, Rhodes presents only the safer of two possible treatments to the father, worrying that dad will be more concerned about his son losing his arm than the high risks of the other operation. After hearing the father try to be encouraging to his son about life with one arm, Connor presents him with the other option. The father still decides to go with the riskier procedure. Connor manages to pull it off, although there were some close calls along the way. 

Connor and Robyn grow closer, and she agrees to meet his sister.

Dr. Charles tries to encourage Sarah to consider all diagnoses and not fixate on depression and suicide after Wheeler's death. They eventually diagnose the pilot they are treating with Pica, but Sarah's good feelings about the case are deflated when she finds out that Charles reported the man to FAA and that despite their help, his life will not go back to "normal"

Maggie trains a student nurse in the ED, and Doris is a bitch.

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

The thing about suicide, it's never really a lone act. It tends to leave a lot of victims in it's wake.


Maggie: Quick, nurses' creedo:
Monique: Sometimes cure, treat often, comfort always.
Maggie: Uh-uh. Don't kill your patient...
All nurses: ...Because that's the doctor's job.