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After Dr. Wheeler jumps off the roof of Gaffney Medical, the rest of the staff must continue on with their work, despite their own feelings. Sarah is drafted into the ED to fill Wheeler's spot, and struggles with her guilt and a sense of failure for not recognizing his need to for help. Sharon is dismayed to realize that nobody on staff knew Wheeler all that well, shattering the illusion she had that her staff is one big supportive family. Choi buckles down and falls back on his military training, compartmentalizing his emotions. He and Will disagree about how to treat a patient, with Choi thinking that Will's judgment is effecting by guilt about Wheeler when really it is his own judgment that is questionable.  He disobeys Will's orders, but luckily Dr. Charles is able to step in and discover the cause of the patient's symptoms before Choi goes forward with a treatment that very well could have killed the boy. Nat works on a little boy who fell into the Chicago river and is hypothermic. Resources are stretched thin at Med so the two best options for treatment are unavailable. When the mother finds out that her somebody else will receive treatment instead of her son, she loses it and calls Nat a monster. Nat internalizes this in regards to not noticing what was going on with Wheeler. Connor tries to help Sarah with her guilt, but is unsuccessful until he realizes that he wrongly diagnosed their patient. He calls her into the ER and explains that he was only able to make the catch necessary to save the mans life because he had missed it before with another patient -- that everyone makes mistakes and errors, especially as a new resident, but that as long as you learn from the experience and apply that knowledge going forward, you have nothing to feel guilty for. At the end of the day, Sarah realizes that while Dr. Charles was busy taking care of the staff, nobody was taking care of him, and she offers to be the shoulder for him to lean on. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Noah: Hey, um, I saw you and Tate getting a little edgy. Are you okay?
April: I'm fine.
Noah: Yeah? Okay, good. I just don't want you, to, you know --
April: What? Screw things up?
Noah: What? No, no. I just want you to be happy..with a guy...who was a all-pro wide receiver three times. Three times, right?

Jim Kessler: Everybody's a Monday morning quarterback.
Sarah: I -- I don't know what that means.