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Connor treats a window washer who survives an impossible fall. Connor struggles to give his patient the best care amidst the press frenzy, and starts to have delusions of his own grandeur from the attention, more concerned about the optics of the outcome than the patient's quality of life. The patient's parents finally make the call to withhold heroic measures.

April connects with a patient suffering from myocarditis after receiving bad news about her pregnancy. She suffers through the day without sharing her news, only to have Maggie accidentally find out, allowing her to finally break down and acknowledge what's happening.

Choi and Manning treat a paraplegic who contracted an infection while pursuing stem cell treatments in Mexico in order to give hope to his wife. Even knowing that the risks are high and there is virtually no hope of a positive outcome, he decides to continue the treatments. Choi explains to Nat why he didn't try harder to talk the man out of it.

Sarah treats a patient who is dealing with his grief over his wife's death by dressing up as a super hero and helping people. At first, she plans to treat him by creating a situation where he is able to help somebody while out of the costume, but Charles points out that that won't help in in the long term. She comes up with a new solution -- giving him a new "costume" in the form of a volunteer uniform. This way, he can help people while being himself instead of hididng behind a mask. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

All the king's horses and all the king's men... Guess they should have gone to you.

Dr. Abrams [to Connor]

Maggie: You're having fun torturing me by not telling me the gender of the baby, aren't you?
April: A little.