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Ethan becomes over invested in an anorexic patient that he and Dr. Charles treat, struggling with her decision to refuse food and Daniel's assessment that she may be past treatment. April shows him support even though she's dealing with her own difficult case -- a woman who has infected her boyfriend with a chronic and undetected infection which brings up memories of her relationship with Tate. 

Connor and Will treat a woman whose renal cancer was misdiagnosed as a back sprain at a free clinic. While medicaid covers her emergent surgery, they find another tumor has metastasized to her tibia. They start working on a treatment plan for her, but Sharon informs that she's going to be transferred because Medicaid won't cover the new cancer. When the techs come to transfer her, Connor stops them, making an "anonymous" donation to the hospital's charity fund to cover her care. 

Will is worried that Owen doesn't like him after the toddler throws a block at his face. He reads up on child development but resorts to bribery to win the kid over. Five minutes later, Owen throws another block at him. Nat reassures him that Owen likes him and does nothing to discipline her child. 

It's Sarah's first day back, and she ends up  handling a Jane Doe case on her own while Daniel is busy with the anorexic woman. She rushes to diagnose her patient as bipolar, and ignores Daniel's orders to "check all the boxes" when she finds more evidence to support her theory. When Daniel checks on the patient, he quickly identifies physical symptoms that lead to a diagnosis of Wilson's disease, something that Sarah missed because she's still too afraid to get near patients. She breaks down on the rooftop patio and begs for his help getting over her fears. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Will: Double duty again, huh?
Maggie: Yep. Twice the work for me, and yet, it's the hospital's bank account that benefits. You know, trickle up economics.

Ava [about girl flirting with Connor]: Nice looking. But is she attracted to you or the car?
Connor: [pause] I'm gonna go find out