Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Lemons and Lemonade

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Sometimes money does solve your problems.

Connor's car might not have really helped him move on from Robin like he hoped, but he did finally find a way to use his money for some good on Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 8. Sharon seems to think he's started on a dangerous path, but at least he's doing something meaningful with his cash.

Meanwhile, Will was trying to buy Owen's affection to save his relationship with Nat and Ethan... Well, Ethan was doing what Ethan always does, but this time he had April providing emotional support. 

Put On Notice - Chicago Med

So it's not exactly that I just hate April and Choi together as much as I don't see how they help each other grow as characters. For all that their differences are thrown in our faces, they both have a stubborn refusal to develop or learn from past mistakes that drives me batty.

Two and a third seasons in, and Choi is still questioning Daniel's treatment plans, still ignoring patient wishes, still holier than thou with most cases. 

Choi is the chief resident, and he shouldn't still be struggling with the sort of thing like respecting patient decisions or having a basic understanding of anorexia. Didn't he have to watch that Oprah special in middle school like the rest of us? 

Supportive Girlfriend - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 8

I don't think I'm asking for too much when I look for characters to evolve. I mean, if the ED is going to stagnate on the development front, then we at least deserve some better cases. 

While the idea of an infection traveling from your throat to your ankle is fascinating (and disturbing), we saw puss explode from a kid's chest tube recently. Watching Nat drain the infection as a major let down. 

Couldn't it have popped like some kind of giant zit? Give me emotional complexity and evolving viewpoints or give me gore!

Connor: Hey there. How you feeling?
Asterid: All things considered, fantastic. I mean, I'm down a kidney, but at least it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.
Will: See, you got your sense of humor back. Kind of.

I do have to give credit for the tumor removal though. Most of the surgical field looked like it needed somebody to be paying attention to suction, but when Connor pulled out the kidney with that string of tumor attached.

I got chills. 

Would I have preferred that they really discussed how complex and badass a tumor that was? Of course. But the props department did an excellent job with that thing. 

Joy Ride - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 8

And the patient on that case, while not fully developed because it was basically a C- or even a D-plot, was awesome. She was engaging. She was funny. She wasn't just her illness.

Okay, I was wondering why she wasn't already on Medicaid or enrolled in a health exchange insurance program, and talk about a missed opportunity to cover that topic.

But at least her treatment tied into this whole hospital budget nonsense far more than other cases have. Even if Connor swooping in to not-so-secretly save the day was completely predictable. 

Sarah, nobody learns how to master their fears in two weeks, trust me. It just doesn't happen. Not even to somebody as determined as you are.


At least Sarah got to demonstrate some emotional range. It's a pain that she's still struggling with this, but Dr. Charles was right when he said this wasn't an easy fix. 

I guess we'll just have to keep suffering along with her. At least everyone acknowledges there's a problem now. 

One thing that does have me worried about her arc is how much she's relying on Daniel. We know that she has some latent Daddy issues, but how far will the writers take that?

Help Me - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 8

I pray not too far. The mentor/mentee relationship between those two is one of the best things Med has going for it, and to mess that up by having Sarah cross some kind of line and start fixating on Daniel would be infuriating. 

Transference is an interesting phenomenon to explore, but it's not worth ruining a good thing for the rest of us. 

Let me break down toddlers for you. They eat, poop, sleep, and play. Help them out with any of one of those things, and you're gold.


I'm still not 100% team #Manstead, but I appreciate the break from the hospital that they give us. They're really the only ones that we're seeing outside of Gaffney at the moment, even if their issues are...dumb.

Yes, it's sweet that Will is concerned that Owen likes him. Stupid, but sweet. I mean, the kid has known you his whole life, you should have some kind of relationship already established, shouldn't you?

Also, it would have been nice if he was worried because a kid he's known since birth suddenly doesn't like him anymore than because he was worried about keeping it going with the mom. 

Not the Momma - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 8

Truth be told though, I'm more concerned that Owen is throwing things at people and that Nat's not doing a damn thing about it than I am that a toddler might not like Will. 

Throwing things is time out behavior. Not correcting that behavior is how sweet little boys grow up to be Noah. 

And shame on the writers for not letting Will make the obvious "Maybe he'll be a pitcher for the Sox" joke. It was teed up so perfectly, and they didn't let him make it!

Maggie: Nice shiner. Haven't seen one of those on you for a while.
Will: This time, wasn't my fault.
Maggie [laughing]: South Side boy. Somehow, I don't buy it.

Malcolm McDowell will be guest staring on Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 9 as a patient who wants to be awake for his own surgery, so I'm getting my wish for my Mozart In The Jungle hype and more interesting and complex cases.

It's like I won the lottery!

McDowell will be playing a renowned surgeon in his own right, and he's going to have opinions about the job that Ava and Connor are doing. Maybe they'll commiserate with some drinks at Molly's afterwards and finally hook up. 

Ava [about girl flirting with Connor]: Nice looking. But is she attracted to you or the car?
Connor: [pause] I'm gonna go find out

Another couple -- or two -- may be hitting a rough patch though. While there's no press release out yet, there are photos of April and Choi in Sharon's office.

Somehow I doubt they got called in so she could congratulate them on their relationship.

On the other hand, it seems more likely that the hospital would have more of a problem with Will and Natalie. After all, he's an attending and she's a resident. That's a pretty big issue from legal's perspective. 

Excuse Me?  - Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 8

Let us know what you thought of "Lemons and Lemonade" in the comments section!

Were you shocked by Connor's donation -- or just disappointed it was so predictable? Should Will be worried about Owen? Will Choi ever learn to express his compassion in a healthy way? 

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Lemons and Lemonade Review

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Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Will: Double duty again, huh?
Maggie: Yep. Twice the work for me, and yet, it's the hospital's bank account that benefits. You know, trickle up economics.

Ava [about girl flirting with Connor]: Nice looking. But is she attracted to you or the car?
Connor: [pause] I'm gonna go find out