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Connor officially opens up his hybrid OR and gets his first patient. Maggie joins his team. They end up transferring the boy up to the surgical floor because Connor's OR doesn't have a bypass machine, which is needed. He and Ava get into a verbal scuffle about who lead surgeon should be, with Ava winning out because it's her OR. Later, she and Connor make amends for their spat, but Connor plans to get a bypass machine of his own. 

Will treats a girl with mysterious symptoms that turn out to be caused by an ovarian teratoma, requiring a double oophorectomy. Voight comes by and tries to push Will into being a CI, telling him that the FBI is willing to come after him and his medical license if he doesn't cooperate. Will resists and gets mad at Jay for not giving him a heads up. He eventually agrees, but does not tell Nat about the situation, in fact, he outright lies to her. 

Nat treats an undocumented woman who is married to a US citizen for lymphoma. They need her brother to act as a stem cell donor, but he's afraid of getting caught up by immigration -- he and his pregnant wife are also undocumented. Sharon and Natalie assure him that the hospital cannot share patient information with law enforcement. After hearing that the only other option to save his sister is to perform a painful procedure on her infant son, he agrees. However, another patient, frustrated by Choi's refusal to give her the opioids she's seeking, reports the brother to Lanik after seeing him and his brother-in-law get into a physical altercation. Lanik runs it up the chain to Gwen, who reaches out to lCE. Manny has a warrant out for his arrest for a theft of $8 in 2010, and Gwen gives ICE permission to come onto hospital grounds. They arrest him as he's leaving, despite Nat's attempts to intervene. Nat is outraged that the only help the hospital will provide the family is a list of immigration lawyers. 

Ethan is upset that Emily's boyfriend is significantly older. He acts like an ass about it to April. Bernie makes a second, solo visit to Choi at the end of the day, insisting that he cares about Emily and the baby and will take care of them both. 

Ethan and Terry treat a drug seeking lawyer who comes in under a false name trying to get a refill for her oxy. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Sharon: I really appreciate you putting on the charm.
Connor: Ms. Goodwin, you built me Xanadu. I would sing and dance for you if you wanted me to.
Sharon: I'm gonna hold you to that.

Emily: You're not coming?
April: Greetings are done, nobody ran. You don't need me anymore.