Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Backed Against the Wall

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The secrets are piling up at Gaffney. 

Will really racked up his tally on Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 4, repeatedly lying to his fiance about the mess he's found himself in all to get them a cheap wedding venue. 

Spoiler: the price of the venue probably won't end up mattering. 

Refusing to Help - Tall - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 4

Please, please let that be an accurate spoiler. 

If Natalie ends up marrying Will after all this nonsense, she may deserve the heartache she'll get. 

It's stupid that he's lying to her anyway. If he'd been upfront with her in the first place when the stakes weren't as high, she might have been upset, but it could have blown over. 

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But lying about being asked to be an undercover CI to take down what amounts to a mob boss? Wouldn't you be pissed?

The only way it seems like Will can get out of this if he ends up getting shot or something.

The most frustrating thing as a viewer isn't even Will's stupidity; it's that he's the same kind of stupid that he was on Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 1

Working It Out - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 4

It's been three years. Practically nothing has changed. 

I need my refill. What is the big deal? I'm a lawyer with great insurance, not some junkie off the street. Or worse, some hombre that probably can't even speak the language.


One thing saved Will Halstead from once again earning the worst character of the episode award, and that was Peak White Lady Nora-slash-Breanna. 

Her attitude towards Terry and the resulting con game should have lessened the surprise of her virulent racism, but no, it was still shocking. 

More shocking? That Med took a firm stance on such a decisive issue. 

After playing both sides of the gun control debate (several times), half-assing any discussion about abortion rights, and ignoring discussions about workplace harassment, I half expected Manny's offense to be something violent to justify his getting arrested. 

ICE Cold - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 4

It did, of course, serve to paint Gwen as even more of an evil corporate climber.

Her argument that she's just trying to protect the hospital falls flat when you consider that Manny could sue for violating HIPAA though. 

To be frank, there were a lot of issues with that case, from not telling Manny that he would be at a higher risk for lymphoma when they were originally pressuring him to not finding a better way to protect his identity. 

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It's a shame that the case got handled so quickly.

It had the potential to be a more drawn out arc, something akin to Choi's visits to the homeless camp or Sarah's serial killer dad. 

In theory, it still could be, but with Emily's pregnancy and Will getting caught up with a criminal element, it seems unlikely. 

Meet the Family - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 4

We finally met the baby daddy, and it's Mousaka from Dexter!

C.S. Lee managed to be a whole lot less creepy as Bernard than as his Miami counterpart, but the fact that they cast a recognizable face is a good clue that there's something else going on with the guy. 

Still, Choi doesn't know that. His reaction to Bernie and his sister's pregnancy, in general, is downright bonkers. He clearly needs to resume sessions with Dr. Charles and work on boundary setting. 

April: It's just a number, right? Does it really matter?
Ethan: No. Not if Emily acted like an adult instead of a twelve-year-old.
April: You mean like how you're acting right now?

His non-relationship with April inextricably continues. She had some good points about how crazy he's been acting, AND she recognized that she had no part in meeting Emily's boyfriend. 

Her motivations for accepting Emily's amends might still be incredibly messed up, but leaving the cafe was surprisingly self-aware for the meddling nurse. 

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Connor and Ava continue to have the most annoyingly confusing relationship.

It's baffling that self-confident, ambitious Ava would be interested in a relationship with a man who tries to challenge her position in the workplace at every turn. 

There's a lot of hate for Ava out there, and she's no angel, but neither is Connor.

There's a way for these two to work out, but they need a break from the constant cycle of Connor acting like an ass and Ava not taking it and then Ava apologizing for not taking it and Connor apologizing but not changing. 

Interview Process - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 4

Ava will get a patient all her own on Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 5 ("What You Don't Know")!

When she needs an assist getting a patient to accept treatment, she better go to Dr. Charles and not Connor for help. 

Surprise, surprise: Will isn't going to come clean to Nat anytime soon. Expect the lies to keep piling on.

Peak White Lady - Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 4

Let's start a pool on how she finds out, shall we? Will Jay slip up and spill the beans or will Will get hurt? Any other ideas? 

Ethan can't leave anything alone, and April can't resist that holier than thou feeling for very long, so of course, they go digging into Bernie.

What could they possibly find on their own that Emily won't already know? 

Terry: I'm gonna have a lot of cases that break the wrong way, aren't I?
Daniel: Mm-hmm. But you know what? You're also gonna have a whole lot that won't.

So how did you feel about "Backed Against the Wall"? Get it all off your chest in the comments section below!

Now that we know them a little better, what's your take on the medical students? Is there anything that could redeem Gwen or Lanik for you? Will Maggie joining Connor's team work out? 

You can watch Chicago Med online anytime, anywhere. 

Backed Against the Wall Review

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Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Sharon: I really appreciate you putting on the charm.
Connor: Ms. Goodwin, you built me Xanadu. I would sing and dance for you if you wanted me to.
Sharon: I'm gonna hold you to that.

Emily: You're not coming?
April: Greetings are done, nobody ran. You don't need me anymore.