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Asher and Will debate whether Chicago deep dish pizza is really pizza. Asher goes in and Charles comments to Will about how good it is that she has Will as a friend. Will is not interested in Charles' opinion that romantic relationships when newly sober are a bad idea.

Meanwhile, April confides to Maggie that Ethan is refusing to talk about the kiss.

A woman comes into the ED. Will works on her. He suspects she has kidney disease. Her daughter doesn't know the name of her medication. The dad shows up and wonders why Molly didn't call. He won't agree to dialysis. Evelyn says don't listen to him and insists she didn't sign an advanced directive and does want dialysis.

Goodwin says that Evelyn made the advance directive when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Will thinks she should change it. Goodwin lets Charles evaluate.

Sharon talks to Maggie. Her son is flying in for a few days. She is excited. They are interrupted by a patient who is in a lot of pain. Natalie takes this one. The wife says he has a condition that cause polyps in his colon/rectum and he has cancer. He tells her he has four months left at the most.

Natalie asks for a consult. Marcel says he can do it.

Burt comes to see Sharon. He told their son they are dating, which is news to Sharon. She says she doesn't have time for this.

Ben shows up with a student named Augie, a little boy who looks sad. He has cirrosis from chronic autoimmune hepatitis. Maggie agrees to take a look. She says she'll give him fruit snacks. He says he doesn't have any money. She tells him it's on the house. She asks the security guard to watch Augie while she and Ben talk. Ben says he can't reach Augie's foster mom yet. Also Ben has booked a couples massage for him and Maggie.

Ethan and April treat a woman who broke her foot at the gym. Her husband who is somewhat overweight thinks she looks great. She wants to lose weight and get healthy. Ethan orders tests to see why the woman isn't losing weight.

Marcel is using the computer next to Ethan. He tries to apologize and Ethan walks away.

Will asks Charles about Evelyn. Charles says she's not competent to make medical decisions. Will takes Evelyn's side. Charles says people with Alzheimer's get paranoid about their caregiver. Will wants to call the Ethics committee. Charles is annoyed.

Augie's belly is swollen. Dr. Lanick ass if he told Ruth his stomach hurts. Augie already is familiar with the procedure.

Natalie walks in on Marcel saying he's going to use robotics in surgery with Nick. Natalie doesn't know this procedure. Marcel says it's a new approach and he's explained the risks. The OR is ready for Nick. Natalie asks why he would do such a thing when it won't save Nick's life and he could die on the table. Marcel t hinks it could improve his quality of life.

Michael hopes Sharon isn't taking Burt back. Sharon says Burt read too much into a drink. Michael asks if they are dating. Sharon says no. Michael has reservations at an expensive restaurant for them. He walks off and Sharon sighs.

Asher wants to go ot to dinner with Will. Charles watches as Will accepts.

Max calls Ethan in. Joy is having a seizure. Max asks if this is an allergic reaction.

Natalie finds out that Marcel wrote a research paper on the procedure. Marcel says that makes him highly qualified. Natalie accuses him of being biased and motivated by professional advancement. Marcel informs her he answers to his patients, not her.

Evelyn has fluid in her lungs. Medication isn' working.  Wll needs to intubate but it's against the AD. Molly begs her mom to do something. She recognizes Molly. Will asks her for permission to intubate and Evelyn says yes. Will does it. Elliot comes back and is angry.

Sharon is angry at Will. He's done this before. Will says he was honoring the patient's wishes. Sharon has to go to a meeting. She leaves and Will tells Charles he wasn't there. Charles says lucidity doesn't mean she understood anything. He is disgusted by what Will did.

Natalie catches Alice at the elevator and wants to make sure she's on board with the surgery. Alice says she's not but Nick wants it in case their son has the same illness. 

Lanick tells Ben and Maggie that Augie is supposed to have treatment every two week but hasn't lately. He wants to call CPS. Ben and Maggie beg him to wait. Lanick says they have til four to track down the foster mother.

Sharon hears Molly and Elliot arguing. She approaches Molly. Molly asks if she has to sue her dad to stop him from taking out the breathing tube. Sharon asks if she is sure she wants to do that. Molly doesn't want to lose her mom and doesn't know what to do. Sharon says that when parents don't share things with their children, it's because they want to protect them. Molly says her mom put a lot on her dad's shoulders. Sharon says she and her dad will need each other.

A lot of people are observing while Marcel does the surgery.

Ethan tells Joy she had ammonia in her blood. She has a genetic disorder that messes with an enzyme. It's often undiagnosed until a dramatic change like increased protein. The husband wants to know how to treat it. She needs an enzyme supplement and a low protein diet. Ethan warns her about the consequences of breaking the diet. She accuses him of thinking she's got no self-control because she's fat and insists it's not protein that's the culprit. April suggests to Ethan he is projecting. He says he's not.

The foster mother says she is unable to take calls during work. She says she does her best but she doesn't have a car and the clinic is 40 miles away. She thinks they should report it to CPS. She says she loves Augie but this is too much for her and she can't take care of him.

Marcel comes out and says Nick did well. Alice hugs him and Natalie.

Charles tells Will that Evelyn is going home to hospice care. Will says he wasn't trying to prove Charles wrong. Charles says everyone puts blinders on when confronted with things they don't want to hear. He walks off.

Ben and Maggie talk to Augie. Augie says he knows why Ruth doesn't want him. No one wants a sick kid.

Ethan tries to talk to Max about Joy's diet. He says he wakes up n the middle of the night and hears her downstairs in the kitchen and there's food missing in the morning. Ethan wants to refer her to psychiatry. Max doesn't want to. Ethan says he'll let him speak with Joy first but this must be taken care of NOW. Max admits he has been putting protein powder in her smoothies to stop her from losing weight. He was scared if she lost weight she'd leave him. Ethan says tell Joy the truth or he will.

Nick and Alice joke about how they don't want to name their son Crockett. All of a sudden Nick has trouble breathing. His heart stops. Alice watches, scared, while they try to revive him. They fail. Alice is upset and so is Marcel.

DFS will look for a new foster placement tomorrow. Earl will look after hi tonight. Ben says they should go. He keeps looking at Augie. They go out and Ben says I just... Maggie says they will reschedule and they will spend the ight with Augie. 

Ethan offers to help Joy press charges against Max. Se doesn't want to and says they talked it out and he is a good person.

April asks Ethan why he isn't mad at her. He says it makes him crazy to see Marcel. Why couldn't she just tell him? He asks if she's in love with Marcel. April denies it.Ethan says if it's meaningless why are we talking about it? April says he deserves to know everything. Ethan says she pushed him away and ran into another man's arms. He walks off.

Marcel tells Natalie she called it. She says he doesn't know that for sure. The problem could have predated the surgery. Marcel says if he hadn't done the surgery Nick might still be alive. Natalie encourages him. Marcel goes off with some woman he's going golfing with.

Sharon goes to the restaurant to wait for Michael. He meets her there.  Burt shows up and he asks why he's here. Sharon says she invited him. Michael says he won't stay with his father. Sharon orders him to sit down and tells him the cold war ends tonight. She doesn't know what's going to happen, but it's time for the family to start healing.

Asher ass Will to come up after dinner. Will wants to but he's no sure if it's a good idea. He quotes Charles. She says   knows as she's been going to meetings. She thinks they should discuss it upstairs. Will goes with her.



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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Elliot: No. No dialysis. She has an advance directive.
Evelyn: Don't listen to him. He lies.

Neurochemically, there is very little difference between the dopamine rush from drugs and from romantic relationships.