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Charles' ex-wife calls him. His daughter was suspended for vaping. She blames him for not spending enough time with her. He goes to see his daughter, who has a bad attitude. He says he's taking her to the hospital.

Maggie and Ben are trying to set up their quickie wedding. 

Nat sees a four-year-old with breathing problems and is then informed the mother has been flagged as a potential abuser.

April feels lightheaded, then throws up.

Charles and his daughter have it out. He has to go.

A gunshot wound victim comes in -- a cop who took a bullet for a kid. Trudy Platt wants to know how he is. Ethan is asked to scrub in with Marcel.

Nat disagrees with Strauss' assessment that this is a case of Munchausen by Proxy. Charles is on the case now. Goodwin orders tests.

A nurse tells Will she wouldn't want Asher to operate on her. Will is irritated.

Marcel and Ethan discover that Officer Bell has an abscess, but why? Ethan realizes the guy was shot another time. 

Mrs. Reamus is upset when the test results come back normal and insists something is wrong with her daughter.

April collapses and screams with pain. Will and some other doctors get her. Will wants Asher to do an ultrasound for April.

Charles returns with food. His daughter calls him a hypocrite for being against vaping when he has a half empty bottle of wine.

Will tries to talk to Asher, who only wants to talk about his patient.

Ethan is in a meeting with Goodwin about the gunshot victim. She doesn't want to raise red flags. Ethan is called out of the meeting because of April's illness.

Ethan promptly gets in a fight with Asher over whether he is involved in April's care, while April struggles to breathe. After Asher does the procedure, Will tries to talk to her and she'sMrs.  mad he outed her as an addict as it was humiliating.

Maggie is being a Bridezilla, especially after the flowers she ordered are ruined. She won't let Ben help.

Abrams says the little girl does not have seizures. Strauss wants to call DFCS. Charles says take the kid off oxygen and see what happens.

The doctors talk to Bell, who claims he has never been shot before. He says his scars come from an accident as a kid playing swordfighting. Marcel and Ethan confront him about the carseat foam. Bell insists he's never been shot.

Mrs. Reamus is brought in and insists Mindy needs oxygen. 

Mindy is terrified when her oxygen is removed. The mother doesn't understand how Mindy can breathe on her own. Charles suggests Munchausen. Mrs. Reamus says you are not taking my kid, and Anna walks in and is upset. She thinks she's gonna be taken away too because Charles has been neglectful. He recommits to her.

Fellow officers are here to see Bell. Ethan and Marcel try to get through to him.

Maggie's wedding venue is ruined by a sewer backup. Ben gets her to let him help.

Mrs.Reamus tells Charles how Mindy was premature and how scary it was when the doctors took her away.

April is going to be okay. She tells Ethan that she doubled her meds because Ethan wants a baby. She says she had to make up for... Crockett. She tells him about the kiss. Ethan runs off upset and shoves Marcel. But Bell needs to see them both just then (thankfully)

Bell tells Ethan, while Marcel watches, that the truth is when he was 17 he and a friend held up a liquor store and got shot. The friend died and Bell didn't so he became a cop to make amends. He says he can't live a lie anymore and will tell the other officers himself.

Charles doesn't agree with calling Child Protective Services on Mrs. Reamus. He thinks she has PTSD from the birth. She is misinterpreting symptoms because of the PTSD. Strauss doesn't agree with Charles and Nat about that but Goodwin overrules her! Strauss says it's on all of them when the child returns severely injured.

After work, Asher thanks Will for giving her her life back. He invites her to Maggie's wedding.

Goodwin confronts Choi about his behavior but says he's been through a lot.

Maggie has her wedding in the bowling alley. Ethan doesn't show up and Marcel is rejected by Nat. After the ceremony, everyone goes bowling.







Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Goodwin: Dr. Manning, do you know Dr. Strauss?
Nat: Pediatrics, with an emphasis on child abuse?
Goodwin: When Mrs. Reamus brought in her daughter, it set off an alarm. She's raised red flags at several hospitals for abuse.

Charles: I've been a little distracted with Cici dying and everything.
Suzie: I'm sorry your wife died, but you have a daughter who is thirteen years old and very much alive.