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Nat says she got a sitter so she will bring food to Marcel tonight. She wants him to tell her what he likes. He likes everything. She says she knows little about him. He teases her and they laugh.

Michael is excited about his new devices he's selling.

Sharon runs into Maggie. She got an envelope about her daughter.  She's not ready to look at it yet.

Dr. Veroni appears to have started a relationship of some sort with Choi. Interrupted by a pregnant woman coming in with her daughter. Woman has collapsed. The daughter tells Will her mother is carrying her baby.

Choi tells Will he sees signs of AF. The woman is 54 and a recovering alcoholic -- this could be causing her issues. Choi wants to follow the usual standard of care for AF patients.

Meanwhile Marcel sees a patient who says in Arabic (?) to his son he would rather be at urgent care. Hospitals are too expensive and he tells Marcel that.  Marcel says he needs the hospital. He argues in Arabic with his son. Marcel says they need to operate to remove a bullet. Mr. Methi doesn't want to. Son says he doesn't have a choice. Marcel concurs. The man will bleed out without surgery. Mr. Methi finally consents to the surgery.

Nat sees a young woman with a broken arm who says a mugger threw her on the ground. Her husband asks for pain meds. (possible scam?). Nat suggests they file a police report. Emily doesn't want to but finally agrees to. Nat asks Charles to talk to Emily to make sure she's all right.

April is walking down the street and finds a construction worker pinned under a scaffold. She jumps in to help. The guy is in a lot of pain and then collapses but April says she thinks he'll be okay.

The patient has been brought in. Lanick won't let April help and implies she's going to cause the guy to lose his leg.

Charles says something is not adding up. A cop tells them that they can't find any security footage of the alleged attack. Nat tries to question Emily. Charles notices her husband has scratches on his arm. Nat says to Charles those look like fingernail scratches. Charles wants to talk to Brian.

Will wants to do an electrocardio inversion. Ethan disagrees. He reluctantly lets Will do it. Danielle hopes it won't hurt the baby. Will tries to shock her and it makes things worse. No pulse. They get her back finally. Ethan gives Will a dirty look. The woman wakes up. Ethan thinks they have to be prepared for this to happen again.

Marcel can't find the bullet while operating.

April scrubs in but Lanick tells her she's an ED nurse and go down there.

Dr. Charles talks to Brian who asks can he send Emily phone messages to his wife. He tells Charles he is a heavy sleeper and is a former Marine. He has no idea how he got his injuries. Charles tells him his watch can help him figure out his sleep too.

Later Charles talks to Nat and says he doesn't think Brian is an abuser. But Emily has been to East Mercy twice and is definitely being abused.

Choi says third time she's coded but too early to deliver. Will has an experimental idea but Choi says no.

Emily says she's a klutz and didn't tell Brian about her injuries. She's offended at the idea that Brian has anything to do with this. Charles says people can come back from Afghanistan with issues. Emily kicks them out. Nat thinks Emily is protecting her abuser. Charles says something is not adding up. All these ER visits are early in the morning. What if Brian is not fighting her. Maybe this is happening while Brian is asleep. Charles has an idea.

Marcel explains the bullet is lodged in the liver but they will get it taken care of. He has to wait two days before the next surgery. Medhi tells his son they just want to charge him extra. The son goes to talk to Marcel and apologize. He says the father gave up everything to come to America and his father doesn't believe in his musical career. He goes and Michael shows up and says he has an experimental device he's selling that might be able to be used to help. Marcel thinks it's a good idea.

A nurse asks April if she needs someone to cover for her. April is worried she cost this man his leg.

Will talks to Dr. Veroni about how he wants to do this experimental thing. Veroni agrees with him. Will talks to the patient. There is a risk that her heart could stop and the baby would die. She says she was never there for Kate because she was too drunk  She wants to give her daughter the baby. Maggie says this is a big decision. She knows her answer. She's not going to let her daughter die again. Maggie tells Will shouldn't Kate be part of this decision.

Ethan yells at Will about going behind his back while Kate is upset that her mother has made this decision. The baby doesn't mean as much as she does. Will asks what do you want us to do? The mom wants the experimental treatment.

April asks Lanick how the patient is. Lanick says he's going to be fine and April saved his life.

Charles tells Brian he thinks he's having night terrors and hurting Emily without knowing it. Emily doesn't want him to be arrested or get a mental health diagnosis. She wants to protect him. Charles asks Brian to bring up the sleep pattern app. Charles shows her that Brian had low sleep efficiency on the days she went to the hospital. This is evidence of night terrors. Nat tries to talk some sense into Emily. Brian wants to know if he hurt Emily. Emily says he didn't mean to. He's so sorry. Charles says they can help him.

The mother's heart starts failing. Ethan wants to shock her. Maggie won't get out of the way. The heart goes back into normal rhythm.

Marcel says the bullet slipped away when he tried to use the device and now it's in the heart. Sharon isn't happy with either Marcel or Michael.  It turns out the patient has a heart defect and is at risk of a stroke if the bullet isn't removed immediately.

Marcel  operates while Michael watches. The bullet has passed through the other side of the heart and his stats are dropping. Marcel won't stop operating. He says shut off the monitor and insists on continuing to look for the bullet. He finds it and gets it out. Michael is nodding approvingly from outside.

Mother and daughter look at a sonogram. Baby's heart is strong and healthy.

Maggie takes the envelope she got out of a drawer and reads it.

Charles has made sure Brian won't have a record/face charges. He's sorry he was arrested. Brian will be sent to a psychiatric facility indefinitely. He may get experimental treatment and come home sooner.

Choi is still mad that Will went behind his back.

Marcel goes to see the patient. It turns out Marcel speaks Farsi too. The man wants his son to be a professional like Marcel. Marcel tells him he had similar experiences as a son of immigrants and the man should just encourage his son. Sharon watches as the man thanks Marcel in English

Sharon tells Marcel she doesn't know what he said but it seemed to make the man feel better.

Choi looks on jealously as Will leaves with Veroni.

Marcel tells Nat his Farsi name and says that his parents changed his name so he would fit in in America.



Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Will: Do you mind if I ask you how old you are?
Danielle: 54. I know that's old for having a baby but when Katie asked I just -
Katie: He's busy, Mom. He doesn't need your whole story. Just answer the questions.

Maggie: It's here. [shows Sharon envelope] About my daughter.
Sharon: You tracked her down. What are you going to do?
Maggie: I'm not ready to open the envelope.