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Marcel tells Nat's mom some story about seeing Bigfoot. Nat comes back. The couple seems happy.  Nat's mother wants to know if Marcel is Muslim. He says his family is Zoroastrian.

Meanwhile Michael asks Sharon about some new rules. Sharon says all reps need to be on the same page. Michael says he is not the only one who goes off-label. He takes it personal.

Will comes in 33 seconds late. Veroni wants to play chess with Ethan and thinks he is avoiding her.

A tennis player comes into the hospital. Got hit with a tennis ball and appears to be unconscious now. Good heart rate and rhythm. The tennis player asks Choi if he had a heart attack. Choi says no it's just a reaction to being hit with the ball. The kid says he feels funny and then crashes. Heart rate is too high. Choi doesn't know what's going on.

Lanic yells at a resident. He is glad April is back in the ICU but has no time for small talk.

Will gets a patient who likely has dislocated his shoulder. The guy seems out of it but says he's just rattled. Small amount of fluid in his chest. Maggie and Will relocate his shoulder. Will tells him  just to rest but asks Maggie for trauma labs. He and Maggie notice how Liam is looking at a corner of the room and talking to himself. Maggie goes to get Charles.

Nat apologizes to Marcel. Marcle is okay with what happened. He grew up in the Bible Belt. There is a woman with a lot of pain and a full bladder. Says she's a professional patient. She has a thick medical record with her.

Choi goes to see Montez. He says Montez's heart is beating irregularly and he doesn't know why.  A 21-year-old athlete shouldn't go into AFib. Montez says he's too close to his dream to give up. His dad wanted him to be a tennis player and died when Montez was 7. He needs to play in the tournament. Choi says he will figure this out. Montez's nose begins bleeding. He says it's stress

Gwen comes to yell at Goodwin about how the hospital needs Big Pharma's funding and she is shutting down Sharon's new protocols.

Charles talks to Liam who is able to see how many fingers he's holding up. He says he just got his COVID vaccine and now is leaving the house whenever he can. Charles asks him what's in the corner. Liam says no one. Charles says a person? Liam says my wife. She died 3 weeks into the lockdown of an aneurysm. We were looking forward to being quarantined together and she was just gone. He knows she's dead but he swears she's right there. Charles says he believes him. How long has Liam been seeing her? Liam says a few months.  He feels like this is salvation. Charles says he lost his wife too so he gets it. He says he's going to talk to Will and then will be back.

Charles doesn't think this is dementia but he has no peripheral vision in his right side and is filling in the blanks with images of his wife. But he needs more brain scans.

Lisa's tests are all normal. She's upset  because she wanted an answer to her pain. There has to be reason for her pain but no one can find it. She wants to be fixed. Marcel says unfortunately they need to run more tests.

April sees a COVID patient who has removed their oxygen mask and insists there's no such thing as COVID and that the oxygen mask might have other things in it. April convinces her to put the canulla back in.

Veroni knows the tennis player. She watched a match when she had insomnia. Anyway she's a cardiologist so she can help but Ethan won't let her because Montez isn't part of her trial. He changes his mind 30 seconds later.

Nat's mom has given Marcel a Persian cooking kit. He says it's thoughtful and more than his ex-in-laws who didn't want their daughter with a Middle Eastern man did.

Maggie has an idea to expand the ED training program. Meanwhile Gwen is making herself look like a hero to the pharma reps. Sharon asks Maggie to check her fake smile.

Liam starts having a seizure. After he's upset and calls for his wife and calms down when he "sees" her.

Liam has a tumor in  his vision center. He realizes that is why he's been seeing his wife. Will tells him it's treatable via surgery. Liam rejects the surgery because he doesn't want to lose his images of Terry. Charles and Will tell him he could die. He says he hasn't been living since his wife's death. He will sign whatever papers he has to to leave against medical advice.

Will wonders about a psych hold. Charles says Liam is not mentally ill. He doesn't know what to do. Can Will buy him some time?

Will bothers Choi about using Veroni when that was against protocol.

April tells Lanic the COVID hoax lady will need to be intubated. Lanic says April will need to get her to give consent.

Marcel knows something is causing that woman pain but he can't find it. They look at a 3D image and realize there is renal compression.

Montez crashes again.  Choi tells Veroni this makes no sense. Veroni thinks the nosebleeds are connected.

Nat and Marcel talk to Lisa. She is relieved to have an answer but her pain is so great. Marcel says she needs surgery. There are two options. She can't do both and neither surgery will fix both types of pain. Lisa says then there's no point if she can't be fixed.

Sharon comes to see Charles.  She complains about her day. Charles asks her if she's sure there's no truth to the idea that this is about Michael. She realizes it's complicated. She has a hard decision to make. Charles says he is here for her. She goes and he looks at a photo of CiCi.

Montez's labs are all good but Montez is spitting up blood. They need a chest x-ray and a CT scan.

Marcel thinks he has something. What if he moved the kidney elsewhere in the body. He can't guarantee that it will work but believes it will. Lisa says okay.

April talks to the patient who insists intubation is a scam. April decides to go along with the delusion. She says yeah COVID is a hoax but I can't say so so let me intubate you. Gina agrees but Gina crashes before she can and Dr. Lanic is not responding to April's calls. April starts treating her. Lanic yells at her that she can't use meds without a dr's order.

Liam says he's leaving. Charles says he wants one more minute. Charles tells him about CiCi and how she was always there when he needed to make a big decision. How would Terry feel about the surgery? What would she want him to do? Liam looks toward the corner. Liam says she loved him. She'd want him to have the surgery. Liam cries.

There is a malformation in Montez's lung. Might be a genetic disease. Montez asks will he die? There are surgical and medical options. He will still be able to play tennis.

Maggie tells April Lanic wants to fire her. Maggie says April had no authority to push meds even though she knew what to do.

Ethan tells Veroni he didn't want to interfere with her relationship with Will. Veroni has her chess set with her.

Marcel goes up onto the roof. Lisa is going to be pain free. He and Nat are a good team. Nat hopes so. She wonders if Marcel broke his cycle of pain too. Opposites attract... will he leave her too? Marcel says the moment she came into his life his history became just that. He loves her. They kiss.

Liam feels lonely after his surgery. Charles says he feels CiCi's presence all the time and he doesn't know that your late spouse ever really leaves you.

Will sees Ethan and Veroni playing chess and walks away.

Sharon wants to talk to Michael. She says the board is backing her changes and he was right that it was partially personal. She wants him to sit with her. She wants him to succeed but she has to put the hospital first. Michael is aware he's pushy and management has to push back, plus she's his mom. He's going to leave Med. He is applying for a job at Northwestern.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Daniel: Uh-oh.
Sharon: Michael and me, it's been a little rocky the last few weeks.
Daniel: Parenthood. It's a life sentence, right?

Nat's Mother: So, Crockett, Natalie tells me that your parents immigrated from Iran. Does that mean your family is Muslim?
Marcel: No, actually, we're Zoroastrian.
Nat's Mother: Zoroastrian? I'm sorry. I've never...
Marcel: Yeah. Dates back to ancient Persia. Three main pillars: Good thoughts, good words, good deeds. Not always so easy.