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Maggie is folding clothes. Sharon comes in and asks about Auggie. Maggie claims that she is fine with Auggie leaving. He’s happy. That’s all they wanted. And she and Ben are going to go to California this summer to see him.

Marcel asks Nat how her mom is doing. Carol is doing great and wants to thank him. Nat wants to make out with Marcel, but not here. Dean sees them flirting.

April wants to talk to Will about the clinical trial. She’s eager to help with it. Trauma patient comes in. Shot herself in the foot with a nail gun and has a gash on her head. She is disoriented and asks where she is. She say s she is not supposed to go to Chicago Med and won’t accept treatment at this hospital. Charles happens to be standing there as she freaks out.

The woman keeps insisting on East Mercy instead of Chicago Med. She doesn’t like being restrained. Charles tells her if she calms down they can take the restraints off. Now she wants to go to East Mercy. Will says they have to make sure she’s stable first. Charles says let us do the head CT first. Mona says okay but no one touches the nail.

Dean comes up to Choi with coffee. Choi is trying to kick caffeine. Dean tells him he thinks 8 hour shifts are better than 12. Choi says this is best for the patients and asks how Dean is adjusting. A doctor needs Choi.

Choi sees a patient with fever and shortness and breath (not COVID?) He’s been sick for three days and works at a meat packing plant, but his COVID test is negative. They are due to see their 1-year-old granddaughter for the first time in two weeks but need to get it resolved first. Choi thinks it might be pneumonia. He orders a bunch of tests.

Mona has a subdural hematoma that requires surgery. She insists she goes to East Mercy. Without surgery she will die. She doesn’t want it at this hospital, only at East Mercy.

Charles talks to Will privately. He thinks they need to send her to East Mercy right now so that she can get treatment before it’s too late. Will and April reluctantly agree.

Dean is working on a patient that knows Nat. She is having sharp pain. Dean wants a CT scan. Nat tells Dean she saw swelling around the gall bladder. Dean doesn’t think she’s right and is cold to her.

Maggie comes to make the donation. A pregnant woman wants to buy a baby blanket but can’t afford $5. Maggie offers Auggie’s blanket to the woman and realizes she is bleeding. The woman doesn’t want to go to the hospital because she has no money. Maggie says they will work that out.

Teyon doesn’t have a doctor because she doesn’t have insurance. The baby is probably okay but her placenta is too low and covering her cervix. They need to do a C-section right now because she is bleeding heavily. Teyon has no family but asks for Maggie to come with her.

Choi says it’s not full-blown pneumonia. Patient says give my cross to the baby. His wife tells him not to talk about that. Choi says they will start him on antibiotics while they try to figure out what is wrong with him. The other doctor thinks something isn’t adding up. Dean wants to take a look. The other doctor thinks maybe HIV. Choi thinks a pulmonary aneurysm. Dean thinks Driscoll is right and they should look for rare diseases. Choi isn’t interested in that right now. Dean gets his scans for his other patient and apologizes for over-stepping.

Problem at East Mercy: the doctor doesn’t want to treat Mona because she shows up every few weeks and insists he treats her. He thinks the patient is obsessed with him. Charles can put her on a psych hold but she could still refuse the surgery.

Dean and Nat continue to butt heads over Darcy’s condition. Nat still thinks the gall bladder is infected. She thinks there should be a second opinion by a surgeon. Dean is not interested. Nat goes to talk to Marcel anyway.

Mona is upset that a doctor would refuse to treat a patient. Her dad always treated every patient no matter what. Charles says doctors refuse treatment for lots of reasons, like a lack of boundaries, for example. Dr. Bridges wanted her to get the care she needs. Mona concludes that means that Dr. Bridges has feelings for her. She consents to the surgery. She wants Charles to call Dr. Bridges. She also consents to having the nail removed.

Ultrasound for Campos came up clean. He is crashing, can’t breathe.

In the OR, the baby is not coming out easily and Maggie needs to assist with the delivery. There is a complication.

Marcel talks to Darcy about the gall bladder surgery. She consents to it. Marcel sets the surgery up. Dean comes along and says you two must be proud of yourselves. They went behind his back. Marcel says he’s involved now. Dean says you guys are having an intimate relationship. Nat says they are professional colleagues. Dean says he saw them making out and walks away. Marcel says to forget him and goes.

April has a new patient for Will’s trial. Dr. Veroni comes along and wants to talk to Will. She says they are closing enrollment on the trial because Will has recruited so many patients. He tells April that submissions are closed. Send this patient to cardiology.

Choi talks to a specialist. They need to get infectious disease’s input. Dean thinks it’s a rare syndrome that has only had 25 cases ever. Choi is still not looking for zebras. Dean says he doesn’t want to do what was done to him. Choi wants to know what’s going on. Dean says Nat and Marcel are secretly dating and insists that if they made a mistake it’s because of their relationship. Choi says he has bigger fish to fry (surprisingly!)

Teyon sees her baby in the NICU. When can she take him home? A few weeks because he is premature. He also has a birth defect. Spina bifida. Teyon asks what that means? There are gaps in his spine. Maggie says he will be fine. It could be a lot of things, including nutrition. Teyon says how was I supposed to know? Maggie says usually they find out from their doctor. Teyon cries that she hurt her baby and she is so sorry.

Charles talks to Mona and says that Dr. Bridges told him that Mona’s dad died last year. They mostly talked about him. Mona wants to know what he said about her? Nothing, they talked about her dad’s death. Mona says it was terrible. He was a wonderful man. Charles says and Dr. Bridges tried to save him. Mona doesn’t want to talk about it. She wants to call Dr. Bridges herself. She says Dr. Bridges cares for her and wouldn’t even treat her because of his feelings for her. Charles asks did she feel like her father didn’t care for her? Dr. Bridges doesn’t want to talk to her. Charles tells her he’s worried about her and he wants to hold her at the hospital as a danger to herself. Mona says you think I put that nail in my foot on purpose?She wants a walker.  She tries to get up and threatens to sue the hospital. She is restrained and given Ativan.

Choi talks to Nat, who says that the patient had a severely inflamed gall bladder. Choi says that doesn’t excuse what she did and also she has to declare her relationship with Marcel to HR to protect the hospital from legal issues, even though he never told HR he was dating April.

Maggie finds a DCFS worker outside Teyon’s room who won’t tell her anything.

Nat is angry with Choi. Marcel says you don’t want to go to HR? Nat says it’s a violation of their privacy. Marcel doesn’t see what the big deal is unless she has reservations. Nat says she can hear what people will say. Marcel says so that’s what this is about. She denies caring about what others think. Marcel says it’s up to her and goes.

Dean bothers Ethan about some lab tests he decided to run. Ethan says Hector is not his patient. He doesn’t see the issue with them dating, but does with doctors going behind other doctors’ backs and taking over their cases. Dean suggests rules are not enforced equally. Ethan tells him he’s being disingenuous.

Mona shows up at the elevator. She slit her restraints so she can talk to Charles. He was right. She shot herself with the nail gun. Something is wrong with her. Charles says being honest with yourself can be very freeing. She is so lucky to have met him. She comes on to him. The door opens and the security guard is on the other side ready to bring her back to her room. Mona can’t wait to see Charles again.

Maggie talks to Tevon. Tevon doesn’t think she deserves her baby when she could have been responsible for his birth defect. What if she can’t take care of him right? Maggie says you got family and there are support groups. Tevon thinks her baby needs a better mother. Maggie tells her she gave her baby up for adoption when she was 16 but a voice in the back of her head told her not to do it. She just hopes Teyvon will think about it and decide what’s right for her and her baby.

Choi tells Dean that Dean’s diagnosis was right. Dean apologizes for overstepping. Choi says there’s no need.

Maggie tells Sharon she’s thinking about trying to reconnect with her daughter. Sharon thinks that’s a big step. Is Maggie sure? Maggie says the wound won’t heal if she doesn’t. Sharon says it’s been over 20 years. Maggie says that’s the reason to do it. Sharon says she’s not saying not to do it, but be prepared if her daughter doesn’t want to reconnect.

Nat runs after Marcel. She has the form from HR. She says she was afraid earlier and she doesn’t have reservations about them. Marcel leans on her back to sign the form.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Mona: Look, I thought I could use a nail gun. I shot myself in the foot by accident. It was stupid. Can I go now?
Charles: You hit your head hard enough to knock you out. You gotta think that's a serious bump.
Mona: I'm fine. They can take care of me at East Mercy.
Charles: So you think you'd get better treatment at East Mercy?
Mona: Yeah. They don't tie you to your bed.

Sharon: Auggie's gone, huh?
Maggie: Uh huh. He went off with the Carters this morning. I'm getting the stuff he left behind ready to donate.
Sharon: Must be hard.
Maggie: He's with his brother. He's happy. When Ben and I took him in, that's all we wanted for him.