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Nat notices Carol is coughing. Carol says the cough began when she started taking the new pills -- are they the ones Will suggested? Nat lies about the trial being closed and rushes off to work.

Will apologizes to Veroni for violating her trust. She accepts his apology but won't have more than a professional relationship with him -- no drinks anymore.

Choi jokes with Doris about her being in charge of the nurses while Maggie is not there. They are interrupted by a major event: car accident victims, boy hit by a car...and Goodwin was driving. She is all bloody and disoriented and tells Choi she didn't see the boy until it was too late and she tried to help him but he was so bloody.

Sharon is fine but Will wants to order a chest x-ray just in case. She wants to do it later so she can talk to Charles alone. She tells Charles that she had no distractions and wasn't driving over the speed limit -- where did the boy come from? He was on a bike and not wearing a helmet. She wants Charles to find out for her what the boy's status is, HIPAA rules be damned. Also, someone called Burt, which she's not happy about.

Marcel is surprised Nat didn't answer his call and fills her in on Goodwin's accident.

Will and Nat see a patient who has a big case and wants her potential bowel obstruction fixed within eight hours. Nat asks Will outside if his trial patients have dry coughs. He says they do at first but is surprised no one notified him if one of his patients came into the ED.

Maggie stops at a school residency fair where she meets a girl (possibly her daughter?) who helps her find her way and they both have similar experiences with middle school plays.

Burt tries to convince Sharon to stay put but she wants to know how the boy is doing. She refuses to call Michael about the accident. She sends Burt away. Charles comes in and updates her. The boy sustained multiple fractures and a pseudo aneurysm in his brain. He is not stabilized yet.

Jake's mother and young brother come to see Jake in the hospital. He is comatose. Choi sends the younger child to day care and tells the mother that Jake was hit hard enough to cause a pseudoaneurysm. He wants to discuss treatment options. The mother is sure he was hit by a drunk driver and swears to him that the driver will pay for this.

Will is on the phone with the pharmacy. His pills have gone missing. Nat asks him what the big deal is. He says he's responsible for those meds.

Dean sees April applying for school. She says she missed the deadline for her first choice program. Dean knows the program head and offers to put in a good word. They are interrupted by a patient coming in. Patient is having issues peeing. Dean wants to put in a folio cath. Outside, April suggests a different treatment since this keeps happening with this patient but Dean shoots her down.

Will and Nat look in on their patient. Nat wants a surgical consult. Will asks her to page surgery as he has to go to security and get the tapes from last week to see what happened to his pills. He's sure someone took them by mistake. Nat says this is a lot of trouble to go to for some pills that will be thrown out (what did she think would happen? Drug theft in hospitals is a serious issue!) Will says Kender wants to know and anyway Veroni isn't happy with him. Nat asks why but he won't tell her.

Maggie comes in and tells Charles she met her daughter for the first time. She was amazed that she's in the same field of medicine. She wanted to know she was okay. Losing Augie stirred up feelings. But now that she knows she's thriving, she doesn't want to disrupt Vanessa's life and will never see her again.

Sharon asks Choi about Jake's prognosis. Choi doesn't want to tell her. It's a conflict of interest. Eventually he does anyway. Jake needs surgery but there is a less invasive option -- however the mother cannot afford long-term care if something goes wrong.

Will and Marcel disagree in front of the patient about whether she needs surgery. The patient doesn't want it. She's busy. Marcel confronts Will about contradicting him in front of the patient. Will says Marcel is the one who talked Carol out of joining the trial when it was still a possibility and accuses him of manipulating Nat.

Ethan talks to Dean. Dean is working too hard. Also he thinks the patient should get the SP tube like April suggested. Dean agrees. Ethan tells April he knows it was her idea.

Sharon takes it upon herself to visit the Millers and try to convince the mother to go for the less invasive option. SHe also confesses to hitting Jake. The mother gets upset and accuses Sharon of trying to cover her own ass (as everyone tried to warn her would happen.) Choi tries his best to get Sharon out of the room.

April and Dean begin the procedure. Dean has the patient sedated even though that's not usual. He demands April place the SP tube. She doesn't feel comfortable. Dean has choice words for her about how she thinks she can undermine doctors and won't step in til the last second even though the patient's heart rate is affected.

Sharon talks to Charles. She insists Jake has to make it. He tells her she can't control that.

April confronts Dean later, who claims that he wasn't punishing her for suggesting the SP Tube. He says nurse practitioners do this type of stuff on their own. April says not SP tubes. Dean says he believes in teaching by putting people in the heat of battle. She just needs confidence.

Choi asks Charles if Dean has reached out to him and tells him he thinks Dean has some PTSD issues.

Sharon calls Burt to apologize. He is right behind her. She tells him she was scared before. He says even though they are no longer together they are family. He is here for her.

Marcel confronts Nat up on the roof. He's been open with her -- what's going on with her? She insists it's not him but she can't do this right now and needs space. She runs away.

Dean offers April the phone call and a recommendation and is sorry about earlier. April will think about it. Charles comes along and tells Dean all personnel must meet with him for a mental health check. Dean says he'll schedule something later. Charles leaves and Dean gives Choi a look.

Will tells Nat that they had to admit the patient for surgery like Crockett thought. Nat asks if he found out anything at security. He says that the tapes are deleted every 72 hours so no. He asks her for the name of the trial patient that came in. She says she doesn't remember but will check it out tomorrow.

The head of the residency program says that Vanessa mentioned meeting Maggie at the fair and asks Maggie's opinion of her as a candidate for residency at Med.

Sharon finds out from Choi that Jake made it through surgery and will make a full recovery. However, DCFS has been notified that the mom left the boys alone because she had to work and they are going to take her kids. Sharon tells Choi he has to hold DCFS off. She goes to see the mom, who threatens to call security on her but then admits she feels she is failing as a mother. Jake was supposed to stay in the house when she isn't home. Sharon offers her a day job at the hospital as a custodian.




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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Now that I'm in front of you, I've realized I haven't rehearsed my speech. I wanted to say again how sorry I am for violating your trust.


Nat: You've been coughing for a while. Anything else bothering you?
Carol: No, but come to think of it, my cough started when I started taking these. Who prescribed them anyway?