Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 13 Review: What A Tangled Web We Weave

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What a mess Nat made, and she's not the only one.

On Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 13, Nat's efforts to cover up her theft of the trial meds for her mom led her to tell one lie after another and may have cost her her relationship with Marcel.

And she wasn't the only one making emotional decisions that had obvious consequences, either.

Secretive Behavior / Tall - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 13

Nat's original choice to take those meds was stupid but understandable. She's trying to save her mom's life, the trial is closed, and the meds were easily accessible.

Will should have kept the box in a secure location until the courier came for them. After all, drug theft is a problem in hospitals sometimes.

But Nat should have realized that the disappearance of ANY drug is going to be investigated. People aren't likely to steal heart medication to get high, but hospitals keep a close eye on drug supplies for a reason.

I can't believe she thought it wouldn't matter that a box of drugs disappeared because the manufacturer would probably toss them anyway!

A Car Accident - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 13

Her efforts to avoid being discovered are getting her deeper and deeper into trouble. She's not good at covering her tracks, and she's just telling one obvious lie after another.

Nat: You've been coughing for a while. Anything else bothering you?
Carol: No, but come to think of it, my cough started when I started taking these. Who prescribed them anyway?

For goodness sake, her mom realized that these were the trial meds and that they caused her cough, so how hard will it be for the hospital administration to figure out what happened here?

The sad thing is that if she'd told Will the truth, he probably would have found a way to help her.

Thrown For a Loop - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 13

Yes, he wants to get back in Veroni's good books, but WIll's natural tendency is to break the rules for the good of patients, and he has a soft spot for Nat, so he'd be doubly likely to help her out of this jam if he knew the truth.

And it looks like this thing is a vehicle for a potential Nat/Will reconciliation, especially now that her lies are putting wedges between her and Marcel.

Marcel has already seen Will touching her shoulder, and now Nat is insisting on space for no apparent reason. How much more will it take for him to presume that she and Will are having an affair?

I was over Will/Nat a long time ago, and Nat and Marcel's relationship has softened Marcel a lot. So I hope we're not headed for a Nat/Will reunion, but it certainly seems like we're going that way!

Sharon's Connection - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 13

If Sharon hadn't been involved in this accident, she likely would have been all over Nat's bizarre behavior already, and it's only a matter of time now before someone brings it to her attention.

But I'm glad she was out of commission because the Sharon storyline was easily the most powerful of the hour.

It's easy to forget what a powerhouse of an actress S Epatha Merkerson is because she's so often in a supporting role, especially lately.

But she knocked Sharon's guilt and desire for redemption out of the park.

Concerned About Nat - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 13

Sharon made one bad decision after another when it came to this accident, and every new thing she did made me wince. I didn't want her to get sued or face other negative consequences for her inability to put her guilt aside and do what was best for herself.

I need to make sure that boy is all right. Burt, I don't need any babysitting.


I'm glad she has Dr. Charles as a friend and confidante, but her behavior was out of control anyway, and everything she did made things worse -- until it didn't.

If there was one weakness in this story, it was that it was too easily resolved.

The New Nurse Practitioner - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 13

Ms. Miller understandably wanted nothing to do with the woman who both hit her son and then tried to give her advice about how to proceed with his care.

So it didn't seem realistic that in the last five minutes of the hour, she went from hostile toward Sharon toward confiding in her that she felt like a failure as a mother, and I was surprised she accepted the offer of a day job.

And DCFS has already been called; are they really going to back off of opening an investigation and/or taking Ms. Miller's children away because Sharon found the woman a job that will allow her to watch her kids at night?

I almost wish the DCFS worker showed up in the middle of the conversation. That would have made a powerful statement about the struggles working-class people sometimes have and Sharon's inability to fix the situation she was in.

Working on a Major Accident - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 13

While Sharon stole the hour, Chicago Med deftly weaved in some mini-storylines related to ongoing plots.

The April/Dean interactions were fascinating.

I was convinced that Dean was trying to punish her for getting her way about the treatment plan by forcing her to do the SP tube insertion, and when he told her that he was trying to boost her confidence, I had the same confused look on my face she did.

I'm not sure whether I trust him or not. Letting him help April would allow her to go to her first-choice school,  but what strings would be attached?

Spiraling Down - Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 13

Maggie's crossing paths with her daughter was guaranteed to set something in motion, too. No matter what she said about feeling closure now that she knows Vanessa is doing well, there was no way this was the only time she'd ever see her.

And again, this was an issue of foreseeable consequences. If Vanessa was at the job fair where Maggie was presenting, it was almost inevitable that she would want to work at Med.

The only question here is what will happen when she eventually learns that Maggie is her birth mother.

Will this happen by the end of Chicago Med Season 6? It seems like an emotional stopping place before summer hiatus.

Your turn, Chicago Med fanatics. What did you think of all the emotionally-driven choices people were making all over the place?

Hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know your thoughts.

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What A Tangled Web We Weave Review

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Now that I'm in front of you, I've realized I haven't rehearsed my speech. I wanted to say again how sorry I am for violating your trust.


Nat: You've been coughing for a while. Anything else bothering you?
Carol: No, but come to think of it, my cough started when I started taking these. Who prescribed them anyway?