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In a fast paced opening, the staff deals with patients who have COVID.

Will has a high temperature and is made to take a COVID test even though he just had one.

Choi is upset that April has worked the COVID ward for 3 weeks straight. Lanic says she wants to and he's short staffed. He tells Choi to get back to work.

Will is finally cleared to work but has to go through some other sort of scan before he goes to see Hannah. Marcel tells him what he's doing for her. Will tells Maggie that Hannah OD'd.

Charles talks to Sharon via Zoom. She can't come back because she has diabetes. She can't tell if people pay attention during her meetings. She wants Charles to schedule some meetings with the doctors to talk about the stress of dealing with COVID.

Afterward, Charles goes to Anna's room to tell her Sharon says hi and he is going to work. Anna says she's not going out.

Nat walks into Marcel. He heard she moved into Club Med. Nat has to see a patient, a young girl with breathing problems after cancer treatment. She tells the father she thinks it's heart failure (not COVID related).

April's patient has fluid in his lungs. They want to put him in a ventilator. The patient doesn't want to. April says it's terrible but they can't do chest compressions etc on the COVID ward.

Gunshot wound incoming. No COVID.

Will talks to Dr. Charles. He says he and Hannah love each other and are making it work. Last night was a relapse, that's all. CHarles says all they are supposed to talk about lowering Will's stress level, nothing else. Will asks how Charles is. Charles says he wants to use this time to talk about Will. Will says he is managing. The safety protocols are working. 

Choi comes to see April. She says that POC have dealt with discrimination and poverty, and now this? She is not abandoning them no matter what Choi says.

Will sees a patient named Anita. Her husband is on video chat. Anita had a fall in the kitchen and hurt her arm. She also has bruises from a former fall. She doesn't take medication because she thinks this country is overmedicated. She also seems to keep flirting with Will. Brad says she stopped her diet and going to the gym. Will says they will run tests. Maggie says to Will she thinks the patient is high. Will stops and looks in on Hannah. No change.

A researcher in cardiology wants to work with Will, but he doesn't want to do it right now. 

bMr. Booker's stats are stable. April calls Choi. Mr. McNeil's stats are falling.

Choi calls McNeil's wife. McNeil's stats are falling but there is one more thing they can try -- a life support system.

Anita's arm is not broken. However she has a high blood alcohol level, but she and Brad insist she didn't drink. She says she doesn't drink. Will says they will check on her in a bit.

Maggie thinks Anita has a serious problem. Will doesn't agree. 

Nat gets the labs on her patient. She needs a surgical consult -- not Marcel. Marcel overhears and says he's free. She tells him about the patient and he wonders if she thought it was too close to his tragic loss of his daughter. He is willing to do it. He is angry that Nat is treating him this way.

Marcel and Nat talk to Kelly's father. Nat says there are two options. Possibly medicine would help, but changing her chemo regimen is risky. They could do surgery to insert something in her heart. Nat is against it, Marcel is for it. Lu says he is dealing with racism and being blamed for bringing COVID here in addition to having to take care of his daughter's cancer. He elects against surgery.

Lanic has vetoed the ECHMO because they are short of them. He says that there is no chance for McNeil. April says he can't say that. He won't back down.

Marcel tells Will that Hannah is doing better now. Will goes to see her. She is sorry. Will says the important thing is she's okay. She says even all messed up she could hear him when she was taken out of the ambulance. She promises to go straight into rehab.  Will is called away.

Anita doesn't want electrolytes. She insists she wants to leave. She fights everyone and has to be sedated. Will admits Maggie was right. He calls Goodwin and tells her he has to report Anita's alcoholism to the FAA. Goodwin says okay, but also she has to report Hannah. She says Will needs to be sure because if he reports this it will be the end of Anita's career.

April goes to talk to Mrs. McNeil. She tells her that the doctors have reconsidered and she has to prepare herself for her husband's death. Mrs. McNeil wants to be with him when he dies. Since she can't be, she wants April to give him photos of their first date.

Kelly can't breathe. Her heart failure is getting worse. Marcel thinks they need to do the surgery. Nat agrees. Mr. Lu gives his consent.

Will goes to see Charles again. He says he wasn't being honest earlier. Things have not been good with Hannah. He's been on eggshells and afraid of her using again. Charles was right about romance and addicts. They had a huge fight yesterday and then she OD'd. He has been waiting for it to happen.

Will goes to check on Anita. He says this case is too personal and he has to do some research.

Nat goes to tell Marcel that Kelly's surgery went well. She was being ovelry cautious. Marcel says not necessarily. It was risky. Nat says she moved out and left her son behind. She wonders if that's clouding her judgment. Marcle says she wasn't wrong about him and kids with leukemia.  He is crying but says he'll be fine and leaves.

Will says to Anita he has found out she wasn't drinking. She has auto-brewery syndrome. It turns certain carbs into alcohol. Brad asks why this would happen? Will says it's probably because she ended her Paleo diet. Cut out simple carbs and she'll be fine. Will apologizes to her.

Will comes to see Hannah. She says when she gets out of rehab she wants to get away from here. Here she is just the addict doctor.  She wants to go to LA. Will doesn't want to move with her. She says he doesn't have to decide right away. He doesn't want to move with her. She says without him she might use again.  Will says he loves her but he can't be the reason she stays sober.  Hannah hopes in a year or so he'll want to come visit.

Charles comes to see Anna. He picked up some Thai food. She complains she hasn't been out of the house in months. She just wanted to see some friends. She says she didn't know. I gave you COVID and you're mad at me. She wants him to yell at her.  Charles knows she didn't do it on purpose. 

Nat talks to her son on video. He and Nana are making cookies.

McNeil is dying. There is nothing to do but turn up his morphine. April calls on video chat and lets her see him. She says goodbye and he flatlines.

April meets the doctors for a memorial for everyone who has died this week.


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Maggie: Hey. I just got a text that Hannah was brought in. But it can't be COVID cause she's here, right?
Will: I found her unconscious with a needle in her arm. She OD'd.

Choi: Hey. This is the third week that April has been working on the COVID ward.
Lanic: She volunteered and we're short-staffed.
Choi: The protocol is one week on, one week off. April is putting her life at risk.