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At a Christmas party, Will and Jessa countdown before the tree is unveiled. Some kids sing carols. Jessa invites Will to her place after. He accepts.

Vanessa's drug test results are in. She passed. Maggie and Vanessa are relieved. Vanessa hugs Maggie for the first time ever. Maggie blames herself for causing Vanessa stress. Vanessa says she understands that Maggie wanted to meet her daughter. She would have done the same thing.

At her place, Jessa gives Will eggnog and says she can help him with his financial troubles. Vasik can offer him an arrangement like Cooper had -- he gets a percentage whenever anyone orders a Vasik catheter. Will says isn't this a kickback? Jessa says Will is safe. Will asks will Medicare or other insurance question it? He shows Sharon a recording of Jessa saying they can always justify it if anyone asks. Sharon wants to go to the FBI. Peter says this is a disaster. Sharon says the board wouldn't help her before. Peter wants to brief the board. Sharon says hurry up then. Peter wants them to sit on it until he's spoken to the board.

Will is given a patient with a small baby who is very sick. The baby is vomiting and listless. Scott asks how often have they been changing the diaper? They think Lily is dehydrated.They will run tests.

Avery shows up to talk to Marcel. Blake says to stop bothering Marcel. They have a patient she wants his help with.

The patient, Rueben, finally has a match for a liver. His wife says best Christmas ever! They are going to operate right now

Lily's father has looked up symptoms online and is panicking. Will and Dylan say no. She has the stomach flu, that's all. They are going to keep her on fluids and monitor her condition to make sure that's all it is.

Stevie and Vanessa see a Mrs. Bennett who had a seizure, high fever but COVID negative. She insists she's fine and wants to go home. She has never missed a day of work before. Enlarged liver. Also her insurance won't work. Husband gives a credit card for any charges until this is sorted out. .(Could she have been fired/quit her job without telling anyone since she's got insurance via work?)

Archer sees a guy who ran out in front of a car and is mostly out of it. Tests are ordered. Archer asks for restraints and to call Charles.

Charles talks to the patient, who keeps saying he's late and is upset about the restraints.  He doesn't remember walking into traffic and says he was on campus and is late. He doesn't believe Charles. He says he heard the bells. Charles asks if he possibly heard a car alarm. Kyle says oh no is this happening again? He admits he has schizophrenia. He has been taking his meds. Charles knows Kyle's doctor. He will talk to him and will give him meds in the meantime.  Charles talks to Archer, who wants the patient sent upstairs so that he won't scare other patients by being mentally ill.

Will goes to see Cooper. He asks if Cooper has any regrets. Cooper thinks the coke and booze? Will says he was thinking VAS-COM. Matt doesn't remember what he said but has no regrets about that. He's renting a villa on the beach for two months. He'll go to Montana and start a concierge practice where he won't have to work so hard.

Marcel says to use a bypass because the patient has hypertension. Blake is distracted by his aftershave. Anyway, the donated liver is small in size. Reuben crashes all of a sudden.

Peter says that Cooper will be fired but the board won't go to the FBI. They want it done quietly before donors can leave. Sharon is sure Cooper's father-in-law has a hand in this. Peter says the decision has been made so let's keep this to themselves. This is over. Will is PISSED.  He wants to go to the FBI himself. Sharon says NO to that. She says it's over, focus on medicine. (Could Will "accidentally" let something slip to his brother Jay???)

Reuben has a brain problem from his liver failure that makes surgery impossible. Abrams has an idea but he doesn't know whether he can fix it before the donor liver goes bad in four hours or so..

Bennett is also worse, headache, jaundice, temperature. Tests are inconclusive. She wants to do a CT. Mrs. Bennett asks how much it costs but her husband doesn't care about that. However credit card was declined. But Maggie says they will deal with it later.

Charles sees Kyle again. Kyle is tired from the sedation. Charles takes off the restraints. He wonders if there are big changes in Kyle's life that could have triggered this. Nope. Kyle asks is this gonna keep happening.  Not if Charles can help it. He goes through Kyle's meds etc. Kyle says he has been drinking a tea from a health food store called Mindful Energy for the last couple months. Charles gets the name of the health food store. Archer wants to know if that guy can be turfed out. Charles says he noticed that Archer doesn't have a lot of patients with mental illness. Archer says when in combat you ignore what mentally ill patients say. Charles says that is not a mental illness. Anyway Charles admires Kyle's courage. He wants to show Archer what he means.  He shows Archer a simulation for psych residents. If it gets too intense, Archer can stop. He will check in with Archer later. Archer sees in the VR machine a person who has all sorts of negative and paranoid thoughts that he can hear. He can't last more than a minute.

Reuben is marginally better but surgery is still a risk. Abrams can do another procedure but Marcel says there's no time. Abrams says get a different liver. Blake says Reuben will die. Marcel wants to go for it.

Something is wrong with the baby. She has to be intubated. They don't know why this is happening yet. Will wants to get a head CT.

Vanessa says to Stevie no infections, etc. Stevie has an idea. Something is going on with this couple. She saw it a lot when she was homeless. She needs to do a more thorough physical.

Scott and Will have no idea what's going on. CT scan will tell them something. WIll is upset.

Stevie finds evidence of an insect bite.

Charles has found that the tea contains St John's Wort which can mess with the antipsychotics. If he stops drinking the tea, Kyle should be fine.

Surgery begins. Abrams says he needs to operate on the brain first. Marcel and Blake say new liver first. Abrams says the patient will die. Blake suggests they treat medically for the brain issue while they do the transplant.

Lily may have a genetic disease that makes ammonia build up in her lungs. They need to start treatment immediately. The baby may die.

Mrs. Bennett got typhus from a flea bite. She has no idea how she got it. Her husband wants to know what's going on. Why is her insurance not valid and their credit cards maxed out? Mrs. Bennett has stopped going to the office and gone to a storage locker instead because she was fired. She was too embarrassed to tell him when he thinks she's a huge success. She's so ashamed and so sorry.

Charles finds Archer in the break room. Archer is unsettled. How does Kyle get through a day with everything going on inside him? Charles says Kyle goes through therapy and takes meds. Lots of people with serious mental health challenges get the help they need to live full lives. He knows that's scary for Archer to contemplate as a soldier. Archer says it's not so bad but he's sorry about Neal and sorry Ethan got shot.

The baby needs a liver transplant but will likely be okay. Will says at least that's something. Scott wonders what's wrong. Will feels a baby is suffering while crooks get away with everything. He hopes the punch at the Christmas party is spiked.

Reuben's surgery was a success. His family is relieved. Blake has a bottle of booze a patient gave her and offers Marcel a drink. They are standing close together. They toast to Merry Christmas. They just happen to be under the mistletoe.

Stevie understands Mrs. Bennett because she never told anyone about her mom. Vanessa admits she's been keeping up a lie too and it's costing too much.

At the Christmas party, Ambrams as Santa gives gifts to the kids at the hospital. Blake tells Marcel their kiss was just for fun and leaves. Vanessa asks to say something. She takes the microphone and announces that Maggie is her bio mom and she's so grateful and blessed to have her in her life. . Everyone applauds.

The FBI shows up with a bunch of warrants that they give Sharon. Cooper is arrested and so is Jessa. She demands to know how can Will do this to her? Copper's father-in-law stares at Will. Sharon says she called the FBI and she wanted the fallout to land on her, not Will. Peter says there will be fallout. Cooper's father-in-law looks ready to kill someone.


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Charles: So your patient isn't suicidal.
Archer: How do you figure that?
Charles: He wasn't aware he was walking into traffic.
Archer: The cars and buses didn't tip him off?
Charles: He has schizophrenia. He was suffering from an auditory hallucination that led him to believe he was on the campus where he teaches.
Archer: Ah, okay. Well, I've treated his physical injuries. Send him upstairs.
Charles: He seems like he's been responsible, taking his meds and all that. Something destabilized him and I want to keep him down here til I find out what.
Archer: Well, I'm sure you know best but the ED is an unfriendly place to begin with and when you add the mentally ill in, it just compounds people's fears.

Maggie: I feel like a lot of this is my fault. I caused you so much stress with the way I came into your life, wanting you here and never telling you the truth.
Vanessa: No, I understand why you did it. If I was in your shoes I would do the same thing. You wanted to meet your daughter.