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Cuevas is ready to delete her dating apps after a bad date. Hannah interrupts to give Archer a renal-friendly snack bar. Archer goes and Cuevas asks Hannah about Hannah's dating life.

Will compliments Grace on her outfit. She says she is doing a media blitz. She thinks it's not so bad that Jack is changing the hospital. Will thinks Jack is more worried about profits. He knows Grace has a lot of respect for Jack, but Jack is only out for himself. Grace disagrees.

Will has a drawing from Owen (Natalie's son). Grace has heard things. Will says he and Natalie keep in touch. Grace says he owes her no explanation. It's not like they're anything. Will doesn't think this will work.

Abrams' wife has come to the hospital and Abrams has asked Asher to look at her. Mrs. Abrams thinks she has a UTI.

Marcel is supposed to be off but Jack wouldn't let him out of speaking at the press conference. Marcel is not feeling up to it. He can't stop thinking about Richard. Will says him too. Marcel can't figure out what went wrong. Will doesn't understand. This was a common complication. Marcel says the clot was in Richard's liver, which is strange. The wife didn't want an autopsy but Marcel will ask Grace to get 2.0's files on the surgery to see if he can find some answers there.

Grace gets an error message when she looks. She finds the data is missing, not on the server or the backup server. This has never happened before.

On a rainy morning, Liliana says she has gotten the final appraisal on the new house. She will be packing and company would be nice when he gets off.

Will talks to an undocumented immigrant who feels safe at Med and agrees to say she has chest pains if she needsd to come back.

Asher says Mrs. Abrams is pregnant. Abrams says it's not because he had a vasectomy 7 years ago. His wife tells him to cut it out so she can have the ultrasound and see if she's really pregnant.

Ultrasound proves it. All Abrams has to say is he's suing the urologist. Asher leaves to give them privacy.

David Sullivan is back again. Cuevas thinks Charles should do the intake since she tends to trigger David's paranoia.

David tells Dr. Charles he doesn't think he can go to the University of Illinois. He's been hearing voices again, saying a diploma doesn't matter if he's crazy and he should stay in his room and no go to college, graduation, or prom. He is supposed to go to prom with a girl and her friends but he has to back out because the voices say it will be the worst night of his life amd Amber will hate him.  Charles asks him if the voices are loud and aggressive. David says no, he just knows he's there.

Sharon tells Jack she can't speak at his meeting as 2.0 is good for Dayton Corp, not Chicago Med.

Marcel whispers to Grace, who hasn't found the data yet. Jack tells Marcel he has a surprise for Marcel to roll with. Jack tells the press to come back tomorrow as they will be live streaming a surgery. He will be the patient. Marcel looks upset.

Jack tells Marcel he had this idea and had to go with it. It's an easy surgery. Marcel asks him about the missing data. Jack said Richard was going to die anyway and he should leave it alone.  Marcel won't. Jack says he's trying to protect Marcel. He says Marcel made a mistake and leaves.

Sam is taking a walk. when Hannah goes to do the pelvic exam on his wife. Her cervix is opening permaturely. She recommends a procedure to stitch it closed. She'd like to do it today to prevent miscarriage. Michelle agrees.

Archer's doctor tells him Sean is a donor match. They can do the transplant next month.

Maggie tells Sharon she has to reschedule lunch. The recruiter called and she has an interview with a new hospital opening in Hyde Park that is looking for for a charge nurse. Sharon understands and wishes her luck.

Jack tells Marcel learn what you need to and move on. He doesn't want Marcel to blow up his carAbrams insists on observiner. He gives him the flash drive.

Abrams insists on observing. Asher says no backseat driving.

Charles tells David he's not hearing voices -- he's hearing is own insecure thoughts. Cuevas offers to do roleplaying with him. They discuss what is making him nerous. What should he say if Amber asks about why he missed school. Charles tells him that's up to him but he has no reason to be ashamed of having schizophrenia.  He and Cuevas encourage David. David is worried it will come up. Cuevas suggests he ask Amber questions instead about herself. Charles tells him he thinks just give an icebreaker and then have a conversation. They roleplay.

Sharon tells Archer to take as much time as he needs. She can tell he's not happy about Sean doing this.

There is a complication and Abrams gets nervous and tells her to stop. She tells him to leave. Abrams gets in threatening mode. Hannah tells him to stop distracting her so she can finish.

Marcel looks at the data and says he messed up. Jak erased it to protect him. Will doesn't buy it. Marcel says well it doesn't look good  for your star surgeon to screw up. Marcel leaves the flash drive behind and Will takes it.

Asher tells Abrams that Michelle is fine. She can't make any promises but she is cautiously optimistic. Abrams tells her for the record he does want the baby. He has a daughter in grad school and didn't expect to have any more children, but he loves being a father and is good at it. But he's not good at being a good father and partner at the same time. That's what destroyed his first marriage and he doesn't want to ruin his relationship with Michelle. Asher says come here. She says he's not the same person and won't make the same mistakes.

Will brings the flash drive to Grace and says Jack delteted the data and cannot be trusted.

Sean's supervisor shows up to talk to Archer. He says Sean didn't show up for work and he can't get in touch.

Sharon checks in with Maggie who says the interview was fine.Sharon says she was thrown off earlier and didn't want to lose Maggie but is glad she is putting herself first.

Michelle awakens. Sam checks on her.  He has bought a tiny onesie. He knows it's a boy and lets it slip. Michelle is happy.

Hannah is thinking about dating again and asks Cuevas which app is the least bad. She's always been unreliable as a partner in the past. She has been sober a while and wants to believe she is not the same person she used to be.  She realizes she left her phone at the nurse's station.

Archer tells Hannah that Sean is MIA. She says try not to think the worst.

Grace has found evidence that 2.0 created a lesion that wasn't there which is what caused Richard's death.

Daniel comes over and finds Pavel is asleep on Liliana's couch. She pulled out of the escrow because of Pavel's financial problems. Pavel has a large gambling debt. However the landlord won't allow her to stay. She doesn't want Charles to help. He suggests she live with him. She says no, she can take care of herself. She doesn't believe that he wants to help her. She accuses him of thinking she's a charity case. Charles leaves and looks upset in the hall.


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 21 Quotes

Maggie: How long do you think you're going to get away with this?
Will: What?
Maggie: Another patient with chest pain?
Will: It's the only way to get around Dayton's policies.

Archer: What is this?
Hannah: It's a renal-friendly snack bar.
Archer: It taste like cardboard?