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Archer has an appointment with his doctor who says that Archer is not doing well and needs to try a diuretic.

Daniel is talking with Liliana about her open mic when Peter comes along. Peter does not seem to know what to say and walks off. Daniel wants to get Liliana an audition at an opera house. She does not want to and says she has to get to work now.

Maggie and Sharon meet outside somewhere where Maggie's car has broken down. Ben usually takes care of these things. How can she come back from this if she can't talk to Ben. There is a crash. A girl has been run over by a yellow car that takes off. Sharon calls an ambulance and she and Maggie try to help.

The EMTs arrive and Sharon and Maggie help get her on a board and then a gurney. The EMT won't let Rose's friend ride along. Sharon offers to give her a ride to the hospital.

Marcel wants to talk to Dayton, who has a doctor to introduce to Dayton. Marcel wants to train other doctors on 2.0. Dayton agrees.

Dayton is there to make an announcement. He wants Dr. Grace Song to work in the ED on efficiency since he doesn't understand medicine. Archer says that he doesn't want to be replaced by a robot. Dayton leaves and doesn't address Asher's concern either. Dr. Song says that it would be more efficient if Will had tech to do his notes for him. Will is not interested.

Will has a patient, a boy named Jason who seems out of it and doesn't know hwere he is. The kid loves soccer but has stopped eating. The parents ask to see Will outside. They lost their other son to seizures and they are afraid Jason has the same thing. Will promises they will figure it out.

Asher gets a patient, post-partum and bleeding. Asher thinks there is a retained placenta. She needs to do a procedure -- an emergency D&C.

The hit-and-run victim comes in and Archer and Marcel look at her.  They order x-rays and a rapid transfusion. She has pelvic fractures and abdominal bleeding. She needs emergency surgery. Archer refuses to use 2.0 instead of a regular OR.

Paula starts blaming herself and says she can't breathe. Maggie listens to her chest and asks if the car hit her too. Paula has a punctured lung and have to work on Paula in t he car.

Will says no tests have shown anything yet. He wants to order more tests.Jason starts seizing as Will is trying to explain. the mother worries it is happening again, like Axle.

Kai wants to talk to Charles. A politician has come in and has a lot of alcohol and benzos in his system. Charles comes in and Wyatt's assistant wants to reschedule interviews etc. Charles wants to talk to Wyatt alone. Wyatt insists it was a stupid accident. He needed alcohol to get through a fundraiser. He needed to take the edge off for the interview. He doesn't want to talk about why he takes benzos. Charles says it's an anxiety disorder but Wyatt wants to go so all they can do is give him a referral.

Dr. Song has nothing to do because no one wants anything optimized. Will tells her about his patient.n He says it will take forever to analyze all these different DNA possibilities. Dr. Song can use AI to do this within a few hours.. Will says the parents need a human because they are terrified, so no.

Dr. Asher's patient seems to be doing better. She asks if she will be able to get pregnant. Yes, probably. The patient says her regular doctor said everything was normal. She is still bleeding. Asher orders some meds and tells her not to worry.

Wyatt is not interested in the referrals. His assistant says they can't go out this way because the press is outside. Wyatt freaks out and yells at his assistant. He starts having a panic attack

Zack is given Paula's case. Sharon tells Maggie to take a break.

Archer says they can check the chest injury later. Marcel thinks 2.0 is a better idea because they can find everything at once and do one surgery. Archer finally says okay, but it's still his case.

Jason has had another seizure so Will is out of ideas and thinks he should do Song's idea. However Song will need to borrow DNA from private companies. She needs at least an hour.

Jason's parents do not want to put him in a coma while they search for a diagnosis. The father agrees. Will says he will page anesthesia.

Asher is needed in Laurel's room. She is bleeding profusely. Asher says she has a rare condition and will die if she doesn't have a hysterectomy. Laurel and her husband are upset.

Archer seems extremely uncomfortable using 2.0. The AI says that Archer has an elevated heart rate and it is too risky. Archer hits the machine and causes it to malfunction.

Wyatt says everything he's worked for is gone. Daniel says he is catastrophizing. Wyatt says it IS a catastrophe. The electorate doesn't want him because he is mentally ill. Charles tells him he has depression himself and recalls how ashamed he felt.  But he reframed it and it was a diagnosis, a name for how he felt. He thinks Wyatt is letting his assumptions influence his decisions.

Jason is having a seizure in t he coma. Dr. Song has found a diagnosis. He has a rare disorder that stops him from processing thiamine. It is treatable.

Asher interrupts a meeting to say that they need a post-partum home visit program. Dayton says it's too expensive. Asher says this hysterectomy would not have happened if they had this program. Dayton agrees to it and asks to be excused. He walks off.

Marcel and Archer argue about whether 2.0 is a good thing or not. Archer says that Marcel abdicated his judgment to the machine.

Dayton says that Archer broke his machine on purpose and he's fired. He won't listen to Marcel who says it was an accident.

Charles finds LIliana cleaning his office. He wants to talk to her. He felt they left things strangely. She admits she noticed people were looking at her. She thinks he was uncomfortable and that's why he told Peter she was a singer. Charles says he is not ashamed of her. Liliana says she is not an opera singer and she is happy, but is that enough for him? Charles kisses her.

Will says aherence to orthodoxy is the physican's curse. He is interested in her note taking tech now.

Sharon wants to talk to Dayton. She fired his ED chief, he gets to talk to her. Dayton says Archer is a liability who is antagonistic to him and his staff. Sharon says then she will quit too. Dayton can't believe she would quit over Archer. He says fine but if Archer steps out of line again it's on Sharon.

Paula goes to see Rose. Maggie looks sad.

Maggie goes to see Ben after school. He stares at her and says nothing. Maggie says not talking is making their divide bigger. He says she lied to him. She says she is sorry. She says she needs to earn back his trust but she doesn't want this stupid mistake to ruin the best thing that ever happened to her. She won't give up on their marriage. Ben says nothing. Maggie goes. She cries in the hall.



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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

Marcel: 2.0 is open.
Archer: Trauma surgery is not the time to play with your fancy new toy.

Marcus: Any nausea, headaches?
Archer: You've met my interns?