On Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 12, Archer is uncomfortable with using the OR 2.0 technology, leading to a serious problem between him and Dayton.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 12 revolves around Dayton's desire to optimize procedures using AI technology.

Dayton hires an expert to work at the hospital and find technological solutions that can increase efficiency. The tech expert suggests a voice-activated notetaking system, which Will doesn't want to use. He likes the old way of doing things. Meanwhile, Archer complains that Dayton wants to replace everyone with robots.

Sharon and Maggie witness a hit-and-run accident and get the victims to the hospital. One of the victims has a punctured lung, which requires treatment on the way. The other has multiple issues and Marcel thinks 2.0 will help them be able to resolve these issues faster.

Archer balks, but finally relents. However, he's upset that 2.0 says that his heart rate is elevated and hits the machine, breaking it. Later, he tells Marcel that Marcel is too dependent on the technology. Their debate is interrupted by Dayton, who is pissed about 2.0 being broken and fires Archer.

Meanwhile, Will realizes the value of the new technology while searching for a diagnosis for a child who is having seizures and Asher wants a non-technological solution to the lack of care given to post-partum patients.

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On Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 12, Asher and Archer butt heads with Dayton over the use of AI at the hospital and Marcel and Maggie help hit-and-run victims.

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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

Marcel: 2.0 is open.
Archer: Trauma surgery is not the time to play with your fancy new toy.

Marcus: Any nausea, headaches?
Archer: You've met my interns?