On Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 9, Dean causes trouble for Nat and Marcel while Maggie struggles to help a pregnant woman while dealing with her own pain.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 9 revolves around the decisions people make.

When a woman comes into the ED insisting she has to be transferred to East Mercy, Dr. Charles thinks that's the only way she will get lifesaving treatment. But he's contacted by a doctor at the other hospital, who says the patient is obsessed with him and he can't treat her. Charles manages to convince her to accept treatment and then puts her on a psych hold.

Meanwhlie, Dean sees Nat and Marcel flirting. At first, he keeps it to himself, but when Nat realizes Dean has missed a key diagnosis on a patient she knows, she convinces Marcel to give a second opinion and the patient is prepped for surgery. Dean resents being undermined and complains to Choi that Nat and Marcel not only undermined him, but are dating and using their relationship to cause trouble.

Choi doesn't really care that Nat and Marcel are dating but doesn't like them interfering with Dean's case. Meanwhile, Dean decides to ignore Choi's opinion and run some tests on Choi's patient that Choi doesn't think are necessary.

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On Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 9, Maggie struggles to help a mother in need while dealing with her own crisis and Dean stirs the pot with some of the doctors.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Mona: Look, I thought I could use a nail gun. I shot myself in the foot by accident. It was stupid. Can I go now?
Charles: You hit your head hard enough to knock you out. You gotta think that's a serious bump.
Mona: I'm fine. They can take care of me at East Mercy.
Charles: So you think you'd get better treatment at East Mercy?
Mona: Yeah. They don't tie you to your bed.

Sharon: Auggie's gone, huh?
Maggie: Uh huh. He went off with the Carters this morning. I'm getting the stuff he left behind ready to donate.
Sharon: Must be hard.
Maggie: He's with his brother. He's happy. When Ben and I took him in, that's all we wanted for him.