On Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 8, Ethan trains an old Navy buddy while Marcel is jealous of Will's relationship with Nat's mother after a medical incident.


Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 8 revolves around change.

The people who have adopted Auggie's brother want Auggie to come home with them. Maggie shoots them down but Ben thinks they should at least talk about it. She lashes out at him angrily before being called in on a case involving a woman who is insisting a doll is a live baby in need of emergency treatment.

Dr. Charles needs to consult on this case, which takes his mind off of his ex-wife being granted permission to take Anna to Arizona with her. Brain scans show the patient had a fall a year ago. Maggie reaches out to the woman's ex-husband, who says that after the baby died in the accident, his ex-wife couldn't deal with it and it ruined their marriage.

Meanwhile, Charles tries to talk to Anna's mother, who gets defensive and angry and drives off.

Elsewhere, when Nat's mom suffers heart failure, Marcel and Will clash over whether or not she should have surgery or join Will's clinical trial. Marcel thinks Will is trying to steal Nat back from him, which Will and Nat both deny.

And when Sharon demands that Ethan hire someone to help him in the ED, he chooses his old Navy supervisor, who immediately takes over all of Ethan's cases.

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Ethan hires an old Navy friend to help him in the ED, while Charles and Maggie make life-changing decisions for their children on Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 8.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Auggie: No way! Swamp Tales? Can we play it right now?
Ben: Come on. It's your last day together. You really want to spend it playing video games?
Auggie and Keishon: Yeah!
Ben: All right. Have fun.

Anna: Dad? Dad!
Charles: Aren't you going to be late for your pod?
Anna: We're waiting outside. Anyway, can you just sign this chemistry test for me? Anywhere is fine.
Charles: Whoa. a D?
Anna: Plus?

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