On Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 7, Choi won't allow Archer to be involved in Sean's care after Sean is brought into the hospital in critical condition.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 7 revolves around difficult choices.

Charles and Marcel see a woman who attempts to stab herself to get her kidney out. It turns out she's a former patient of Marcel's who has become psychotic because of the immunosuppressant drugs she's on. She is allergic to all other immunosuppressants so changing drugs is not an option.

Charles and Marcel try two separate antipsychotics but they make the woman's condition worse -- in fact, she becomes catatonic. Her husband wants to take her off the immunosuppressants and asks if her kidney can be re-donated.

Marcel says he won't do this surgery and walks out. Charles tells Marcel the Ethics board is considering it and encourages him to do the surgery.

Meanwhile, the hospital has run low on scrubs. Marcel is wearing an outfit that makes Jack wonder why he is dressed like an engineer, while Will and Hannah hit the thrift shop to try to find decent alternate clothes to wear. While discussing their clothing choices, they run across a man who has a pregnant woman in his back seat and admit her to the hospital as she is about to deliver.

Finally, Archer and Choi butt heads after Choi won't allow Archer to be the doctor of record for the prisoner who stabbed Sean or be involved in Sean's surgery.

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On Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7, the staff must improvise after running out of scrubs while Archer deals with his son's life-threatening injuries.

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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Will: I didn't do too bad at the thrift store.
Asher: I don't know. I feel like a bank teller in these clothes.

Choi: You two seem to be getting along.
Will: We're friends, that's all.
Choi: Keep telling yourself that.
Will: How's everything going with you and April?
Choi: Actually, it seems like it's better the second time around. It's like we got the arguing out of our system and it turns out we were on the same path all along.