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  • Kevin and Kim are at the funeral of a criminal and are scoping out new gang affliates.
  • Kevin notices that Kim has shaky hands and is struggling but she dismisses it.
  • He notices his father at the funeral and tells Kim, but a series of shooters drive by and spray up the funeral, killing people and Kevin and Kim engage in a shootout.
  • Keving pings the photo of his fater and learns that his father is out of prison.
  • They killed the pastor.
  • They interview a young boy and he gives them information about another guy showing up and he was arguing with the victim.
  • Kim sees footage that shows Kevin's father saw the shooter.
  • Kevin talks to Voight about his father and he tells him he doesn't have to go talk to him if he doesn't want to but he does it.
  • Lew tells he can't make an ID and Kevin threatens a paraole violation if he doesn't help.
  • Lew gives Kevin a description of a kid.
  • They get a lead to a house where there's blood everywhere and a body... the kid who did the shooting. They also find a baby who crawled through the blood.
  • they know that Reid is likely behind it since he's running the gang now that the dead guy is iout of the way.
  • While surveying a location to get intel on Reid , Kim and Kevin witness Kevin's father show up and switch out cars at a know spot.
  • Lew says that he was driving Reid's kid around as part of a debt he owed from when he was in prison.
  • Ruz checks in on Atwater, but he says he's fine.
  • Kevin suggests using his father to get to Reid, and the others try to make sure he's really okay with squeezing his own father.
  • Reid questions Lew bringing Dante to him for drugs.
  • Reid states something about Kevin's father taking the fall for someone and that's why he was in jail.
  • They make a meet up with Lew and Reid but Reid sends one of his men instead and Lew has to take the money with that man. But when they follow the cars get switched out and they lose Lew and the money.
  • Kim and Kevin roll up on Reid's man and go in.  They make some arrests, but it fumbled things. Kevin made the call too soon and Reid is likely not doing time.
  • Kevin finally pinpoints his father and Lew admits that they needed money, he was a lookout for the robbery but took the fall.
  • Lew said he didn't want Kevin to see him in prison like that. thwat's why he didn't put him on the visitor's list.


Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

Lew: How are they?
Kevin: Jordan and Vanessa? They're fine. We're all fine.

Kim: Kevin are you okay?
Kevin: My dad is here.