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  • Atwater has to replace Hailey in talking to a bunch of rookies on the job.
  • He tells the rookies about taking empathy with them when they head out.
  • They respond to a violent carjacking. Atwater comforts the son before he dies.
  • They get a lead on the trio who may be person of interests and follow them.
  • One boy takes out his camera suddenly which prompts Atwater to pull out his gun at the movement. He films and instigates things with the other kid.
  • The other kid lunges at Kevin, and the gun goes off, shooting the young man in the stomach. The other one takes off with his phone while Kevin calls the ambulance.
  • Kevin runs through the scene and what happened with IAD.
  • He wants to focus on the missing guy who was roughing up the boy, Johnny.
  • The chief tells Kevin that Johnny died and his parents are wealthy and poltiically active and are already suing
  • Someone leaks information about Kevin and the boy's parents come to the station to confront him and threaten him.
  • The chief proposes a solution that Kevin admit to sympathetic reflex that his body betrayed him to appease the couple but Kevin refuses.
  • They get to the chop shop and pick up the other boy but can't find the phone.
  • Oscar wants to negotiate in exchange for the video to clear Kevin.
  • Torres agrees to go undercover to talk and befriend OScar in hopes of finding out where the phone is so they won't strike a deal with him since Atwater refuses.
  • Torres talks to the guy while in the cell and the guy starts bragging and reveals that he left his phone with his girlfriend.
  • They search to find out who his girlfriend is and figure out that she's the one who was the gas attendant at the first scene.
  • They get the video recording from her which clears Kevin.
  • Kevin goes to the parents' house. The father goes off on him and slams the door in his face but the mother comes out to talk to Kevin as he gives her information on what happened to Johnny.
Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

When you walk out of this room, take your empathy with you.


Atwater: Second one today, Sarge.
Voight: Yeah, it's one of those days.