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The team are investigating a crime scene.  Drugs are found in a tub of sauce.

Lindsay and Halstead knock at a door and a young girl answers. Her name is Denise. She says they aren't allowed in her brother, Charles' room.

Denise says the brothers friends had a gun. Denise's mother is dead and father is in jail.

Halstead notices that Voight's police card is in Charles' bedroom.

Platt is having dessert with Denise.

Voight's business card was in Charles' wallet because his aunt gave him it.

The team are led to a warehouse, but get trapped inside when it goes in fire.

Nadia is shot at after Nadia tries to help foil a case.

The team are in trouble because of what happened with Nadia.

Voight receives a phone call about Charles. He has returned home wounded.

Halstead's brother helps out and tries to save him.

A shoot out kicks off at the house and Will must race to save Charles.

Nadia confides in Lindsay about her lack of judgement. Lindsay tries to comfort her after she has doubts about her future.

Denise has somewhere to go and Platt giver her a hat for the PD.

Will is asking about if what went down was legit.



Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Lindsay: What'd Voight say?
Halstead: He told me his story.

Alright. so he's a good kid with bad friends.