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Benson tries to find out whether the killer put green nail polish on the victims to try and link him to an old case.

Benson shows the team the old case files and tries to match them to the current one. It all adds up.

When Benson gets a call saying Will Halstead was question in the initial killings, Benson and Voight plan  to ambush him, but Jay figures it out and stops them in their tracks. Will brushes his brother off and claims he is happy to help, but Jay isn't having any of it and tries to prevent him from speaking.

Will's alibi checks out and he is no longer a suspect.

Burgess and Roman track down Greg, the killer and he is hauled in for questioning, but he is very suggestive with Lindsay and tries to cause her trouble.

He randomly calls up and asks her to meet him, but he is up to something and plans an attack for when they are together so he looks innocent, but he goes one step too far when he attacks Nadia and kidnaps her, but we don't know whether she is ok yet. It all continues on the next Law and Order: SVU.

Chicago PD
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