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Everybody survived the car bomb. 

Voight tells his team he wants Beckett is a bag or box as soon as possible. 

Another cop who was on the team with Voight and Olinsky when they took down Beckett is found dead from a car bomb. 

Burgess finds out Ruzek was engaged twice before her. 

Olinsky's wife asks him if he got a paternity test and he says no. 

The team is able to track Beckett's phone to his location and arrest him.

Beckett reveals in interrogation that one of the cops took one million dollars from him.

Beckett's lawyer reveals that he was in his office all night when the car bombs went off and he is released. 

Voight asks Olinsky if he took the money. He denies it. 

Olinsky is afraid to get in his car and calls a taxi. He goes to watch his daughter work out at Dawson's gym. He takes her mouth guard for a DNA test. 

Voight and Dawson question another cop who was involved, but he also denies taking the money. 

Roman tells Burgess to suggest pushing the wedding date a year and see how Ruzek reacts. 

Roman and Burgess arrest two brothers who make car bombs. 

The team follows a lead to Nathan Whitcomb and bring him in. The brothers admit they were hired by him. They use Whitcomb to set up a meet with Beckett. 

Olinsky stops Voight from killing Beckett. 



Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Roman: Should we do a knock and talk?
Platt: On a house that could be filled with explosives, that's a great idea, go do that.

Roman: You mean you're the third?
Burgess: Yeah, just found out.
Roman: Just think of it like the Olympics, a bronze medal is nothing to sneeze at.