Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Debts of the Past

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Don't mess with Hank Voight, and especially don't mess with his family. 

Thankfully we learned immediately on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 4 that everyone survived the car bomb, but that didn't mean Voight wasn't out for blood. 

Of course, it turned out to be a bit more complicated than we were led to believe. 

I can't say I was expecting them to find Beckett so quickly, but since they did, I knew he couldn't be in this alone. I never suspected that either Voight or Olinsky took the money and was glad to find out that was true. 

The take down with the smoke bomb turned out to be pretty exciting. Voight was very lucky Olinsky was there, otherwise he'd have a whole mess of new problems on his plate. It is hard to say if Voight would have been able to restrain himself without Olinsky stepping in. 

Bunny wasn't even mentioned, which I'm okay with, but I assume we haven't seen the last of her. 

I can't believe Ruzek never told Burgess he'd been engaged twice before. We all knew about one, but I admit I was surprised to find out there was another one before that. 

He told her he was young and it was short lived, but it was at least long enough for him to have a bachelor party. Usually those don't occur unless a wedding date has been set. It must have been a whirlwind engagement. 

I mean sure, Adam is really into the engagement, but that's a good thing right? So what if he's been engaged twice before, I'd rather have somebody excited about wanting to marry me than moping around like Debby Downer, you know?


Roman put all kinds of doubt into an already confused Burgess. I know he was just trying to help, but was telling her about his cousin really necessary? 

The real question is, does Ruzek really want to get married? He failed Roman's suggested test, which was extremely sad for Burgess. You could just see the disappointment on her face when he just accepted her idea to push back the wedding. These two need to have a serious conversation very soon about his real intentions. I hope it works out for them. 

It's interesting that Olinsky didn't consider a paternity test before his wife basically demanded it. I actually kind of like that he was so willing to accept it as fact. Part of me didn't want him to mail that test at the end, but I knew that if he didn't it would only cause more problems with his wife. If he struggled that much to mail the test, just wait until the results come. Will he even open them?

I hope she really is his daughter, because they're finally starting to connect. She didn't ask him for money, AND she made him cookies. That's some serious progress!

Seriously though, that was a really sweet scene between the two of them at the station, and I look forward to seeing more of them as they start to get to know each other. 

Voight is letting Lindsay move back home and Halstead couldn't be more excited. From the promo, it doesn't look like it takes long before they take advantage of that. 

Is it too soon for Voight to let her move back home? I feel like she hasn't really dealt with any of her issues and now she's moving back into the apartment she shared with Nadia. I'm sure Halstead is more than willing to keep her company.

Considering how much time everyone spends at Molly's, isn't it weird that the PD crew and the Fire crew never seem to be there at the same time other than one representative from the opposing show? Maybe they're just always on separate shifts. 

Next week we're getting a two hour installment, so make sure you watch Chicago PD online and get caught up! 

Debts of the Past Review

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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Roman: Should we do a knock and talk?
Platt: On a house that could be filled with explosives, that's a great idea, go do that.

Roman: You mean you're the third?
Burgess: Yeah, just found out.
Roman: Just think of it like the Olympics, a bronze medal is nothing to sneeze at.