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Roman and Burgess are on patrol when a hooded person shoots Roman through the window. 

Burgess chases after him and shoots who she thinks is the suspect, but the kid says he didn't do anything. 

Burgess puts together her statement. No gun has been found at the scene. 

The D.A. lets Voight know they will be investigating if this was a clean shoot. 

Lindsay and Halstead question the kid's parents. 

The kid, Michael, gives his side of the story, saying Burgess shot the wrong guy. 

Burgess is relieved from duty pending the investigation.

Ruzek finds a picture of Michael holding a gun. 

Footage from a security camera shows Michael throwing the gun into the water. It is found and Michael is indicted. 

The trial against Michael begins and Burgess takes the stand. She's questioned about her relationship with Roman.

Voight finds a motive, the one thing still missing from the case. 

Michael takes the stand and Stone questions him about his aunt's boyfriend's altercation with an officer years earlier. 

After the jury has been deliberating for three days, Stone brings a potential deal to Roman and Burgess that would only give Michael four years. They decide to take it. 


Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Come on, we all know what happened that night. The other guy Ellis said was shooting, he's not on any cameras. And the building he said he supposedly ran into? One door, triple locked from the inside. Houdini couldn't have gotten in.


Kim, I know you and I ended pretty rough, but hey, I still care about you, a lot, and if you need anything, at all, I'm here. I got your back.