Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 21 Review: Justice

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Will you tune in to Chicago Justice? 

The backdoor pilot on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 21 gave us our first glimpse of the new series and the characters after Burgess' shooting of a young kid is investigated. 

Thanks to appearances by members of Chicago Fire and Chicago Med, we can basically call this our first four show crossover. 

Chicago PD - Justice

Assuming the pilot gets picked up, this is probably the first of many crossovers. Maybe even Law and Order: SVU will join the fun. I wonder what the record is for the most shows involved in one crossover? 

Things were not looking good at first for Burgess after she chased the kid down, lost sight of him, and then shot him in the back. They got even more dire when no gun was found at the scene and there was no clear motive.

Were you guys worried that Burgess made a mistake? There were definitely some uneasy feelings when it looked like she could have been wrong. However, it seemed unlikely that the kid would be innocent considering the implications that would mean for Burgess. 

Luckily, her team rallied behind her and worked to find evidence against Ellis, strengthening the D.A.'s case. Putting him on the stand may not have been the best decision by the defense. I seriously thought he was going to confess right then and there. 

When you shot Michael Ellis were you thinking with your head or your crotch?


So much for Roman wanting to keep their new romance under wraps for the time being. It's all out in the open now, and the look on Ruzek's face in the courtroom was just so sad. 

I know Burgess had a lot on her mind, but maybe she should have given him a heads up after she saw the video from the car. She knew it was going to be brought up in court and that probably was not the best way to let him find out. 

Not that she owes him an explanation or anything, 

The backdoor pilot was interesting, but that's because it involved a character we already know and love facing a serious situation. I am not sure there's enough here to keep me invested in a whole series following the Chicago D.A.'s office. 

Yes, there's plenty of potential for crossovers as noted before, but do these characters seem compelling enough to keep you interested on its own? 

If Michael Ellis is acquitted, you come into work the next morning, start a new case, while I, an elected official, am voted out of office come November.


Carl Weathers' Mark Jeffries is looking hard to root for, so far coming off as someone who cares more about winning the next election than doing what's right. They're clearly setting up conflict between him and Peter Stone, who is willing to take more risks and fight for the best outcome.

Stone is a good lawyer, and I wanted to see him win the case, but I can also understand why he, Burgess, and Roman decided to take the deal. At least this way they get an admission of guilt from Ellis, and Burgess doesn't have to worry about charges being brought against her. 

Still, four years is not a lot for shooting and nearly killing a police officer. Roman wanted what he thought was best for Chicago. 

We're all sleeping in our own beds tonight. Let the city sleep too.


Are you intrigued by a courtroom drama following the D.A.'s office, or does "order" without the "law" sound kind of boring?

I personally feel that a fourth show in the franchise is overkill, but I'd be surprised if it doesn't wind up on the schedule next year. If so, I may only tune into crossovers. 

Don't forget, you can watch Chicago PD online any time!

Justice Review

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Come on, we all know what happened that night. The other guy Ellis said was shooting, he's not on any cameras. And the building he said he supposedly ran into? One door, triple locked from the inside. Houdini couldn't have gotten in.


Kim, I know you and I ended pretty rough, but hey, I still care about you, a lot, and if you need anything, at all, I'm here. I got your back.