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Halstead and Lindsay respond to a call that a bank has been robbed. Voight arrives, as does Detective Upton from the robbery/homicide department. She says this is her case. 

Intelligence gets to keep the case, much to Upton's dismay. 

They follow a lead to a strip club. The bills they confiscated don't match the bank robbery, but do match another robbery. 

Lindsay and Halstead check out another bank, and it is robbed as they're reviewing the security cameras. They pursue the suspects, and Lindsay is forced to shoot and kill one of them. She takes off his mask and he's a teen. They bring in the other kid, Corey

Upton believes these kids were recruited to rob banks by a crippled man named Spann. They start surveilling him. 

Corey says he didn't shoot the guard. Atwater asks who did, but he won't talk. 

Lindsay finds a lead, and it leads to two brothers dead in their home. Spann is tying up loose ends. 

Lindsay and Upton interview Ray, the guy they believe Spann put up to killing the brothers. 

Atwater convinces Corey to give a statement by showing him the pictures of the crime scene. Voight tells Corey not to talk. He doesn't want him to be killed. 

They bring in Spann on a parole violation. 

Voight offers Upton Burgess' spot in Intelligence while she's on furlough. 

Upton realizes Platt worked the case when her father's store was robbed. She tells her she became a cop because of her. 





Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

Lindsay: So it's your birthday tomorrow.
Halstead: You remembered.
Lindsay: How could I forget? Pops up in my Google calendar.

Steve: I'm saying this case is a mess. You shot an African American teenager, who from the reports I've seen, never actually fired his weapon.
Lindsay: Are you kidding me? Have you ever looked down the barrel of an automatic weapon? No? Good.