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Olinsky is charged for the murder of Kevin Bingham, but he's confident that they charges will soon be dismissed. 

Voight works tirelessly to ensure that his friend makes bail even reaching out to Thomas Osha, a man who he helped cover for after he killed his daughter's killer, to preside over the case. 

However, Denny Woods knew Voight would pull out all the stops to help his friend and phoned the Mayor to guarantee the "right" judge was there that day to deny bail. 

Olinksy was deemed a flight risk and sent back to his cell. 

Everyone knows that the more decorated the cop, the worse it is in prison. 

One of the correction's officers tried to help Olinsky out and kept an extra eye out for him but he didn't anticipate an inmate would be hiding out in his cell. 

As Olinsky went back after the denied bond hearing, a man stabbed him multiple times and left him to bleed out on the prison floor. 

Meanwhile, Voight realized that he wouldn't be able to get Al out of this one. He couldn't let his friend and partner take the fall for a crime he committed so he reached out to Woods. 

In exchange for Al's release, Voight agreed to confess to everything. 

Woods took the deal. 

Back at the precinct, Halstead and Atwater were undercover; Halstead infiltrated a gun distributor while Atwater worked with a gang looking to buy the weapons from the dealer. 

After the distributor's nephew turned up dead, the gang leader assumed one of the brothers went against his orders and killed him.

To even out the score and go forth with the deal, he had to even out the score and told one of the brother's to kill the apparent "snitch."

In the end, the leader killed the good brother and Intelligence was able to make the bust successfully removing lots of military weapons from the streets. 

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

We can beat this. We will beat it. We're Chicago.


I got something on everyone, just like you.

Tommy Osha