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Chicago PD kicks off with a freedom rally aka an anti-police rally, which turns into a full-on brawl when a group of Neo-Nazi's crash it.

Several people get arrested, but things take a turn for the worse when a dead body turns up int he parking lot.

The dead man is Chris Taylor, a known basketball player with a target on his back surrounding for his controversial act of kneeling during the anthem. 

On top of the suspect list is David Dixon, the leader of the Neo-Nazi party.

He's brought in for questioning and both Voight and Atwater aren't phased by his white power and racist remarks. 

When they show him security camera photos, Dixon admits to being in the structure but claims he had nothing to do with the shooting.

He insists the shooter was a black man but knows no one is going to believe a white nationalist. 

The case is more difficult because it involves Brianna Woods, the daughter of Denny Woods, who is dating Jamal, the late Chris's best friend.

Halstead tries to get some intel from Brianna when a black SUV drives by and begins shooting at them. Brianna claims she has no idea who would shoot at them. 

They run the plates which end up being stolen, but the car links back to the boys' basketball coach.

The coach tells them he sold the car months ago. After they leave, he calls to warn a guy named Kendrick and since his phone is tapped, leads them right to him.

Atwater and Ruzek try to break Kendrick, but he maintains his innocence even though the evidence, including being Chris' last call before he died, is piling up against him.

During a memorial for Chris, Halstead gets information that links Brianna to Kendrick. She denies knowing him even though the Facebook photo is a picture of the two of them together.

Denny Woods arrives almost immediately to shut it down. Now that his daughter is a person of interest, he's done playing Mr. Nice Guy. 

Voight convinces Denny that in order to catch the killer, they need Brianna to tell them the truth. 

Brianna admits that she was in contact with Kendrick, who has been forcing Chris and Jamal to shave points in every basketball game. She threatened to out Kendrick and report him to her father, which obviously didn't end well for Chris.

All of this means Jamal is looking at jail time, but they also need him to wear a wire to get a confession from Kendrick. 

Denny Woods tells Voight not to be lenient on Jamal's sentence, which surprises Voight since it's his daughter's boyfriend. 

When Brianna asks her father if Jamal will be off the hook once he helps the police, he tells her that she needs to leave Jamal behind and focus on her future. 

Upset, she goes to meet Jamal, not knowing that he's with Kendrick and she's thwarting an undercover mission. 

Antonio, who is serving as the lookout, tries to get Brianna out of the bar just as Kendrick confesses to the murder. 

This gets them made and Kendrick is not happy with anyone. 

Kendrick smashes the wire, thus ruining the evidence, and holds them all hostage until Voight meets his list of demands. 

Woods arrives on the scene planning to just bust into the bar but Voight won't allow it. In addition to Brianna, there are 15 other innocent people in there that they can't risk getting hurt. 

Woods agrees to get him a getaway car, but before they emerge, they take Antonio and Brianna as shields to ensure the police don't shoot them on the spot. 

Antonio advises Brianna to cooperate and not run, but of course, the minute she's outside she makes a break for it. 

Brianna is shot and unfortunately, doesn't make it. 

Now, Woods has even more reason to take down Voight, who he undoubtedly blames for his daughter's death.

Both Kendrick and his accomplice are also shot dead. 

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Well, you obviously ain't color blind.


Black kid at a white college kneels for the anthem. Risks suspension for something he believes in. Takes a lot of guts, I'll give him that.