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On Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 3 Chicago PD tackles on illegal immigration when a woman turns up murdered. 

At first, Intelligence believes the victim was a drug mule.

Further investigation leads to a grimmer discovery;  someone is killing off immigrants that are working at the local meat processing plant. 

While investigating the plant, the first suspect is Michael, the son of the owner who initially developed feelings for Gloria, the victim.

They take him into custody but without any evidence, release him. 

His father calls immigration thus deporting most of his own workers and leaving PD with absolutely no lead. 

Even Gloria's sister, who Antonio promised to protect, is sent back to Guatemala. 

Thankfully, Gloria's son, remembers his mother getting into a white van with a cow on it the night she was murdered. 

The truck isn't hard to track down but it is completely burned. 

Lopez, the new suspect, was born in Mexico and moved to the States when he was a baby.

He hates his own people or those we call "illegal immigrants" for stealing jobs and breaking the laws. 

Antonio is certain he's the killer but they need some evidence to put him behind bars. 

Voight tells Antonio to tell Gloria's son to identify number three in the lineup but Antonio tells him to "tell the truth."

The kid mistakenly identifies the wrong person and Voight tells Antonio there's nothing they can do.

That night, he meets up with Chico, the brother of another victim that was killed the same way and also worked at the butcher shop. 

When Antonio gets wind of it, he rushes to Lopez's house and finds his stomach sliced open. 

He confronts Voight who heartlessly tells him "you wanted this."

That night, Antonio listens to his daughter's college essay about immigration and living the dream and it hits home. 

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