Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 3 Review: Promise

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It's hard being an immigrant on Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 3.

After a woman was found murdered and her stomach sliced open, Intelligence was on the case.

Antonio was especially involved because as he told his daughter who just moved in with him, "You have to help your fellow Latinos."

A Grim World - Chicago PD

Once in awhile, PD delivers an episode that's not only heartbreaking but a grim representation of society. 

At first, Intelligence believed she was a drug mule victim, but as we all quickly learned, there are characteristics representative of a drug-smuggling victim.

First off, the age limit doesn't exceed 15-years-old.

There's also a specific way they slice them, which I really hope I never need to actually know or recite to anyone.  

Instead, we quickly found out the victim was murdered because she was an illegal immigrant. And not by someone of another race. No, she was murdered by her own people.

Except this man didn't identify with the "illegal immigrants" that worked at the meat packing facility. He thought he was better than they were because came here legally. 

Trust me when I say this, you are not a better person because you entered the legal way. Are you better at abiding the law? Yes. But that doesn't mean you can kill other people who came to Chicago, a sanctuary city nonetheless, to start a better life for themselves. 

You would think that someone who has roots and family in that culture would understand it. I guess that's what made this episode so dark and twisted. You can't sit here and blame the other side -- these were your own people! 

I especially loved how passionate Antonio was about the case considering that we just found out his daughter had moved in with him.

Chicago PD Promise Season 5 Episode 3

As a father, I'm sure seeing a young woman turn up dead because of her nationality, a nationality similar to your daughters is disturbing. You want to do everything to protect her and other girls like her. 

And unfortunately, in this case, the law wouldn't allow that. Despite having witnesses like Gloria's son, family members from other victims who described the same suspect and even a motive, Antonio couldn't do anything. 

He couldn't get a confession, he couldn't pull prints off of a scorched car, and he couldn't make any witness in the neighborhood talk. He was helpless. 

His motives were in the right place, but one flaw I did have was that he promised Gloria's sister that he would protect her. I'm pretty sure the first thing they teach you during your time at the academy is that you shouldn't make promises you can't keep. 

Burgess: I was a nightmare when I was 17.
Antonio: I find that hard to believe.

In this case, Antonio couldn't interfere with orders from DC to round up the illegals. They didn't even care that there was a pending investigation that required witnesses. They just sent everyone back, including the victim's sister, who was going to take care of her nephew.

Seeing Gloria's son so scared of police was devastating. This boy is being taught from the beginning that the people who are supposed to protect him are out to get him. And how can he believe otherwise? His mother turned up dead, and his aunt was deported. 

It's been awhile since I've seen Voight filled with so much rage. But, it's understandable. Antonio brought a case that guaranteed a loss, which is why homicide didn't want to accept it. 

Then, their only shot was muddled by a kid who was too nervous. 

And after Voight was on his side the whole time, Antonio yelled at him for "giving up."

Chicag Pd promise - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 3

Since "big brother" is constantly watching, Voight had had to change up his tactics a bit. He's still doing shady things; he's just more discreet about it. 

When he went to visit Chico, the brother of another slain immigrant, I knew it was bad news for the suspect, Lopez. 

Imagine telling a bunch of gang-affiliated men who their sisters' murderer was. Lopez didn't stand a chance, and he got what was coming for him.

Intelligence is always so conflicted on Voight. They all appreciate his backbone and the ability to do what other's can't, even if it is against the law, but they always act like they are so appalled. Someone has to do the dirty work, right?

Would it have been better to take Lopez to jail? Sure. But like I said previously, the law wasn't set up that way. And in this case, it would literally let the victims down. 

If Voight hadn't made the drastic call, with the best of intentions, as always, Lopez would just go and kill again. Haven't the innocent immigrants had enough?

And the only time Voight actually significantly broke any rules, Denny wasn't around to give his two cents.

What did you think of this weeks episode?

You can watch Chicago PD online and comment your thoughts in the section below! 

Promise Review

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