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Atwater is undercover trying to take down a notorious drug dealer named Phil Gamble. 

Though he's managed to befriend the gullible one, Laz, he hasn't been able to get in with Daryl, Phil's second-hand man. 

Intelligence is looking to make a play, but Atwater informs them that Daryl doesn't trust anyone aside from his suppliers and buyers. 

Halstead calls this a "solution without a problem," so Voight pushes them to create the problem. 

Intelligence isn't the only one who wants to take Daryl and Phil down. Ray, the alderman, is in Voight's ear about how these guys are "bad for Chicago."

Ray is so hellbent on Intelligence taking care of Phil and Daryl, he begins digs up all the info Atwater needs to get in good with Daryl. 

Atwater pretends to be a basketball scout and takes an interest in Daryl's younger brother, or in other words, his weak spot. 

When Daryl sees Atwater with his bro, he puts a gun to his head and demands answers. 

To make his story more believable, Atwater arranges a meeting between a big league coach, Daryl and his younger brother. 

This convinces Daryl that Atwater is legit so when his heroin shipment goes sideways because CPD raided his supplier's stash house with info from Ray, he takes a chance on a "guy" Atwater knows. 

Daryl arranges a buy with Tony, aka Antonio, but they never make it because they are pulled over by CPD.

The officers are clearly targeting them for being black even assuming that they are the "two black men" who just robbed a store. 

Atwater tries to diffuse the situation as Intelligence stands by hoping not to ruin the cover. 

The officers get aggressive with both the men and while Atwater cooperates, Daryl refuses to get down on his knees for arrest. 

Atwater pleads with him to listen to the cop, but as he charges for the weapon, he's shot. 

Atwater is in a daze as Voight drives up and offers to take care of the suspect.

He tells Atwater to keep his cover because things are going to get ugly. 

And they do. 

Atwater is asked to meet with the FOP to recount his side of the story. 

He's angry because white cops are still targeting innocent black men. He's angry because he allowed an innocent man to get killed. 

Voight encourages him to finish the initial bust by getting in with Phil and busting him. 

Atwater shows up to Daryl's house to pay his respects. He gives his younger brother some advice about being a man and then proposes the deal to Phil who takes him up on the offer. 

At the deal, Phil is arrested and realizes Atwater "turned on his own people."

He continues to struggle with the weight of his decision. Does he turn on the obviously racist cop or does he support his brothers in blue since Daryl resisted arrest?

Everyone is in his ear trying to give him advice and tell him how to handle the situation, even Ray, who declares his plan to run for Mayor with police brutality as his platform. He pleads with Atwater to lie and say that the officer said the "n" word. 

We later see Atwater enter a bar after giving his official statement. 

He approaches the punk ass white cop to tell him he said it was a good shot. 

The cop is grateful even offering up a truce, but Atwater is far from over it. 

He told the truth but that doesn't mean they are even. 

The two walk outside into an alleyway and Atwater begins beating on the cop. 

He places a gun to his head and asks him if he feels like a man now, the same thing the cop asked Atwater during the arrest. 

As the cops lays there in pain, Atwater walks off. 

He may have gotten his revenge, but targeted attacks on black males are far from over. 

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

You and me Hank. We love this city. We dedicated our lives for this city so when people don't treat her right, when they disrespect the very institute that loves her dearly we have no choice but to take matters into our own hands.

Ray Price

Voight: So, I gotta ask Ray, why are you dropping a dime on these two?
Ray Price: Because they're bad for Chicago.
Voight: So is deep dish pizza.
Ray Price: Deep dish may be fattening but it don't destroy young black lives.