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The episode kicks off with Burgess waiting for Blair at the bar.

When it becomes obvious that he’s not showing, she grows increasingly worried as it isn’t like him to not pick up his phone.

Sensing that something’s wrong, Burgess asks Atwater to trace his location. 

She finds his car parked up in a sketchy neighborhood moslty known for drug deals.

When she calls again, she hears his phone ring in the distance.

She follows the sound to Blair’s body.

He’s been shot twice and is bleeding out, but he's still alive. 

Shortly after Burgess places the 911 call, Blair is whisked away to the hospital as she’s left trying to figure out what happened.

Voight promises to look into it and keep the murder on the low.

As Burgess is about to head to the hospital, Platt informs her that Blair died in the ambulance.

Instead of grieving her boyfriend, Burgess throws herself right into work.

The case takes plenty of mysterious turns as it is revealed Blair spent his last moments with a Reverend Dennis, also known for using his church as a cover for his drug dealings.

Intelligence pays Dennis a visit and finds him dead inside his church with two gunshot wounds.

Turns out, Ray Price recently met up with Dennis so Voight approaches him to find a connection.

Price admits he only met with Dennis to tell him to stop selling on his streets. 

He also gives him the name of the neighborhood’s drug dealer who he believes killed Dennis because he was infiltrating his turf.

Intelligence arrives at Nate’s house, but instead of waiting for the call, Burgess rushes in without a warrant.

Thankfully, Ruzek and Upton find drugs in the apartment which protects them from any legal troubles.

Nate is adamant that he didn’t kill Dennis, but with a motive that checks out and the murder weapon in his possession, his side of the story doesn’t help much.

However, Burgess doesn’t think that any of this adds up.

She knew Blair and knew he wasn’t a guy who would hang around sketchy neighborhoods or buy drugs.

She begs Voight to give her 48 hours to prove that Nate wasn’t the killer.

Intelligence hunkers down to dig up whatever they can connecting Blair and Dennis.

Sure enough, Burgess was right.

Blair was looking into Jasmine Price, Ray’s daughter, in an attempt to sabotage his mayoral campaign and force him to resign.

When Voight confronted Jasmine about Dennis, she denied doing anything out of the ordinary with him aside from partying, but a video Intelligence swiftly dug up proves otherwise.

In the video, Jasmine and Dennis were seen on video boasting about the drugs they to Anna, in the video, when she began seizing and died.

Price then covered up the murder to protect his daughter.

When Voight returns to Price's home to confront him about the video, his wife confesses to killing both Blair and Dennis because they were threatening to destroy her family and her husband’s career.

Ray Price takes the fall for his wife and turns himself in after Voight makes a deal to lower the required jail time to 7 years.

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Ray: Hank, what’s going on?
Voight: You tell me, Ray.

Kevin: You want me to take you to the airport so you can meet the family when they land?
Burgess: No, I cannot do that. I was meeting him last night to break up. So, I was gunna tell him not to move to Chicago. Not for me anyway. So, I can’t sit with his family, Kev. I don’t belong there.