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The episode kicks off with Jay Halstead at the doctor getting checked out for his previous shooting injuries. 

The doctor seems concerned with all of his prior on-the-job injuries, but Halstead simply wants to get cleared to get back to work. 

The doctor tells him not to get shot, and as he leaves, he and Upton respond to an armed robbery at the bank. 

He finds a woman taking care of a man who was shot by stray bullets. 

She identifies herself as Michelle and claims she was in the area when the shooting started. 

PD identifies a man that they think was the lookout during the robbery, but he points out a trippy woman who was pacing back and forth during the robbery. 

They zone in on her and Halstead realizes she's the good samaritan that helped stabilize an injured bystander. 

He tracks her down to her floral shop where he realizes she's in danger and afraid of her husband.

Without a case against Shane, her husband who was just released after committing armed robberies, they bring her in hoping that she'll talk. 

When she refuses, Hailey approaches from a different angle. 

They pay a visit to Med where she and Halstead learn about Michelle's history with domestic abuse. 

When Upton confronts her about it, Michelle denies it. Eventually, she caves and tells them she was in the area to convince Shane to leave this lifestyle behind so they could be a family. 

After the promise to protect her, she agrees to wear a wire and get Shane's confession.

When she begins asking questions, Shane gets mad at starts to beat her. 

Halstead cannot handle the abuse sounds and tries to go inside the house to break it up. 

Upton stops him telling him everything is fine. 

Intelligence gets some more insight into a fourth player, a truck driver named Franklin, who admits that he was targeted and did the job because it paid $6K, which he needs to cover his mother's cancer expenses. 

They use Franklin to set up a bust, but the day of, Michelle goes rogue and begins to try to convince Shane to stay at home and stop a life of crime. 

A fight breaks out, and Halstead moves in. 

Michelle says her husband abused her and the arrest him, but unfortunately, they have nothing on him for the armed robbery. 

Halstead apologizes to Voight. 

Voight tries to flip Shane into rattling on his co-workers, but Shane's smart and doesn't take the deal. 

They have nothing to arrest him for, so they let him go. 

Halstead realizes Shane's out on bail and goes by Michelle's house. He finds her badly beaten up. 

He confronts Shane and knocks him out as the police arrive. 

He grabs a drink with Hailey after the evening and she reminds him that he did all he could for Michelle. The rest is up to her. 

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Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

Pull all the surveillance from the past couple of months. These guys did their homework. Maybe we catch them studying.


Michelle: No, that's not possible.
Upton: He just did a three-year stint for armed robbery, so it's definitely in the realm of possibility.