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  • They find a syringe that shows that she was drugged.
  • Burgess and Ruzek search the entire place and the parking garage while calling it in.
  • they go searching for her and don't have anything.
  • They go through the security footage of the parking garage and find nothing and find something int he hallway of two men who break into their apartment and take a drugged Makayla out.
  • Voight and Atwater show up, Voight comforts  Burgess.
  • Trudy shows up and supports Kim.  Atwater comforts Ruzek.
  • They go over the  scene.
  • Burgess cuts herself on the sea glass.
  • Voight says they're keeping in in house.
  • They get a lead that Makayla's uncle was outside of her school based on the security footage.  They breakd down the door and go in.
  • Adam injures himself busting the door down.
  • Kim and Adam bust in when Theo starts blaming them.
  • They find out that Theo is getting hit up for ransom for Makayla instead based on information off of his burner phone.
  • Theo doesn't know who took Mak, he just knows that they're ransoming her.
  • Voight reprimands them for getting out of hand and tells them he'll take them off the case if they do that again
  • They get a lead on who bought the burner phone. He gives them a lead on the guys he sold the burners to
  • The burner phone connects to Tyrck's girlfriend.
  • They go talk to Nia in prison, and Burgess pleads with her. Nia taunts her. Ruzek snaps.
  • They find a lead wheree they thin Mack is but she's not there when they get there.
  • Burzek disagree on how to handle thie sisuton. Kim wants to do the drop and talks Theo into doing it.
  • Mack isn't at the drop and Ruzek doesn't want themto drop the money, but Theo does it anyway because he's outnumered.
  • Lenny comes to retrieve the  money and Adam refuses to follow protocol and chases after Lenny. He ends up having to shoot him dead when Lenny shoots after him.
  • They get a lead and find Makayla.
Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 15 Quotes

She's our kid. She's our family, but you and me, we're the police. We'll get her back. We'll get her back.


They're just going to disappear.