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  • Hailey is leaving the station and headed for a late night jog. Atwater is worried about her going out that late, but she wants to go ahead anyway.
  • It's Hailey's ten year anniversary on the job, and Trudy wants to throw her a party. Atwater warns her about what that could look like. Trudy shares the story behind how she saved Hailey's family and that she's the reason Hailey is a cop.
  • A car swerves around while Hailey is jogging and narrowly misses her before crashing through the guard rail and plummeting into water.
  • Hailey calls it in and goes to help whoever is in there.
  • She sees a couple in the car. She breaks through the glass and gets the driver out, but the woman who is pinned in the passenger seat is reaching out for help. Hailey has to get the guy to safety first, though, so she has to leave the woman behind.
  • She gets the guy to safety and tries to get the water out of his lungs and guarantee that he can hold himself up before she has to head back into the water and calls out for help.
  • Hailey goes back for the woman, but she can't find the car or see anything. She keeps asking the paramedic later if they got the woman out of the car.
  • When the doctors tend to the man they find a weapon.
  • Trudy shows up and tells Haile that they got the woman out, but she died because it was too late.
  • Hailey sees Frank, the husband of Lisa the woman who died. Hailey gives her condolences but shares that Lisa was in the passenger side with a man, and Frank refuses to believe it because his wife was alone.
  • When they run the gun the man had they realize that it was non registered but connected to some robberies. Hailey has the others pulling up footage.
  • They find Lisa when she was dropping off a bank payment when the same man Hailey saved comes up behind her, attacks her, rapes her, then kidnaps her. Hailey is reeling that she saved him instead of her.
  • When the get to the hospital, the man is gone.
  • They see footage that confirms the guy had been stalking Lisa the whole time and always one foot. It was a calculated rape and he was stalking her for six months.
  • They realize the man was coming into Lisa's home. The husband shares that weird little things kept disappearing and now he's figuring ut the guy was taking him.
  • The daughter Addie shares that the man was waving at her from the car when she was at school.
  • The ID the man, Blake. They raid his house and Hailey finds a box with the trinkets he stole from Lisa. She noticse a bunch of other similar boxes.
  • Hailey promises Frank that they'll find Blake
  • Hailey pours through all the evidence hoping for a clue
  • Trudy checks up on Hailey and shares more details about the diner robbery from when Hailey was young. She mentions that she was at the second robbery before Hailey's and she went after the offender instead of staying with the victim and the victim died. She understands the guilt but its out of their control.
  • Hailey realizes that each kit has a similar piece that belongs to an athletic club. Blake has a membership there and do did Lisa. It's where he found all his victims. He's a serial rapist and apparently raped another woman there over a decade ago
  • Hailey, Jay and Atwater see Blake near the gym. Hailey goes after him.
  • Blake attacks hailey by the pool, but she pushes him in and almost let's him drown before saving him again.
  • Hailey gives Frank the news even though it doesn't bring his wife back.
  • The team celebrate Hailey's tenth anniversary at Molly's.
Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 13 Quotes

Hailey: I couldn't get to both of them.
Jay: You got to one.

D-do you know if they got her out? D-did they get the woman out? I tried to g-get to her, but I couldn't g-get to her. So they need to g-go right now.

Hailey [hypothermic]