On Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 11, Burgess and Ruzek disagree about their secret pregnancy and how it affects their police work. Atwater clashes with his brother.

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On Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 11, Burgess and Ruzek try to understand their new normal and realize they have differing views about raising a child. Atwater tries to reconnect with his brother but things get ugly between them.

Episode Details

On Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 11, a series of deadly acts of vandalism causes tensions to run high while Atwater tries to reach out to his brother.

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0 (9 Votes)
Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Atwater: How did you end up catching this with Ruz?
Burgess: I had a doctor's appointment, and I'm pregnant.
Atwater: You're pregnant?
Burgess: Yeah.
Atwater: Cause of Adam?
Burgess: Ohhhh yeah.

Dude, she and I are so out of sync. I mean, if I ask a question, she gets annoyed. if I don't ask questions, she gets annoyed. It's like, I don't know if I'm supposed to zig or zag. If I zig, she's angry I didn't zag. If I zag, she's angry I didn't zig. It's all very confusing.