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Dr. Li tells Clarice that her job continues to retraumatize her every day. Clarice agrees to do the work and to stay out of the field. Clarice is still investigating Hudlin behind Krendler's back. She and Esquivel approach Benita Sage, who has been investigating Big Pharma for the Justice Department. She gives them the name of Carolina Savage, a foreign medical student who mentioned Hudlin then committed suicide. Murray confronts Krendler about backing off of Hudlin. Anthony Herman nicely informs Ardelia that she needs to wait her turn. Krendler meets Hudlin for a hostile lunch. Krendler grabs Hudlin's pen for a DNA sample. Clarke encourages Starling and Esquivel to pursue Carolina's case because he doesn't trust Krendler anymore. Clarke interrogates Tyson Conway, Carolina's sponsor, who tells him that she was distraught after her husband was killed in the Yugoslavian civil war. Conway confirmed to Clarice that Carolina always wore a wedding ring. Krendler's son Jason is angry with him for not telling he and his sister that Mandy is an alcoholic. At Clarice's request, police locate Carolina's ring. Based on a bank routing number from a gum wrapper, they find Carolina's security-deposit box. Based on the contents, Clarice requests a pregnancy test on Carolina. Ardelia discovers that the DNA task force which her work helpd to fund is being launched without her. She attends a Black Coalition meeting as a result. Krendler has Clarke run a DNA test on Krendler's pen. Just as Clarice is making a breakthrough with Li, her phone rings then she bolts. Esquivel is dating the assistant medical examiner. Krendler summons them to a storage room. Hudlin's DNA proves he was the one who assaulted Clarice at Woodhaven. Carolina's fetus had the same abnormalities as those from the clinical trials. ViCAP will continue a secret investigation into the conspiracy.

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Clarice Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

You'd be surprised how much our past trauma informs who we're drawn to.

Dr. Li [to Clarice]

Ardelia: You're going to catch hell if Krendler finds out you're still investigating behind his back. Be careful.
Clarice: Yes, Mom.