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The body of 14-year-old Cody Phelps is found in the walls of a suburban Virginia home, 10 months after he went missing.  ViCAP reopens this stalled case. Clarice has returned to active duty at the insistence of Attorney General Martin. Clarice recognizes the face of Krendler's divorce attorney Joe Hudlin as the man she saw at Woodhaven. But Krendler won't believe Hudlin is who Clarice says he is. Still, Krendler has Clarke run the Phelps case while he keeps his meeting with Hudlin, planning to have Tripathi tail Hudlin. Ardelia runs the DNA sent by Clarice and finds another murdered boy found with the same DNA on his body. Krendler lets Ardelia work the case. Krendler hesitates about Hudlin's plan of attack. Ardelia and Clarice interview the mother of the first dead boy, Bobby. Ardelia's grandmother shows up to celebrate her first field case. Clarke is particularly intense about these child murders. Clarice and Ardelia share memories about their fathers. Their reminiscences were interrupted by pages. The DNA at the crime scenes matches with that of the neighbor, Marybeth Kern, or her missing adult son Gerry Jr.  Tripathi follows Hudlin to Lockyer Labs. Tripathi explains to Esquivel that Clarke's younger sister was abducted from their yard when he was a teenager. He looks at porn because he was told she ended up in that industry. Clarice discovers that the man pretending to be Marybeth's second husband is actually her son. Marybeth admits to killing both boys to cover for Gerry. Clarice and Ardelia corner and arrest him in the garage. Marybeth had sexually abused Gerry Jr. and the two boys served as his confidants until he panicked and killed them. Hudlin tells Krendler he'll get his kids for him if he stops investigating the River Murders. Krendler backs off the conspiracy investigation.

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Clarice Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Clarke: Also, define "OK." Starling is good but has she even been OK?
Claire: Are you OK, Agent Clarke?

Krendler: Has anyone seen Starling?
Tripathi: ViCAP's new motto. We should have new jackets made.