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Clarice captured DNA of the man from the pharmaceutical company who was conspiring with Marilyn. Clarice can't remember his face. Dr. Li uses hypnosis to take Clarice back to her memories of Woodhaven during a cognitive interview as her team looks on. But the man's face changes into Buffalo Bill. On his way out to meet with a potential divorce lawyer, Krendler puts Clarice on administrative leave. The DNA yields no hits. Clarice goes to see Attorney General Ruth Martin. Ruth wants to know why Clarice is avoiding her daughter Catherine's calls. In exchange for intervening on Clarice's behalf, Ruth insists Clarice come to dinner that night. Catherine doesn't want Clarice coming. Ardelia also thinks it's a bad idea. Krendler gets a 911 page from home while meeting with the divorce lawyer. Ardelia retrieves Clarice's DNA scrapings from a dumpster. Catherine apologizes to Clarice for her deceptive earlier call. Dinner starts awkwardly. Ardelia relabels and reruns the sample herself. Catherine plays with her food then sends back her dinner in exchange for her regular portion of yogurt. Clarice defends Catherine to Ruth. Krendler's panicked son Jason called him because he couldn't wake up a passed-out Mandy. Krendler takes Jason and Allison with him. Catherine gives Clarice a scarf she had knit. Catherine tells Clarice she plans to go visit Buffalo Bill's mother. Catherine and Ruth verbally attack each other while Clarice squirms. Esquivel and Tripathi can't get warrants to investigate Lockyer Labs. Ardelia got a hit on the DNA which means someone tampered with the first test. Catherine points to gaps in Clarice's memories of the events at Buffalo Bill's house. Catherine storms out with a suitcase and Precious but almost immediately returns. Clarice looks up Dr. Li, to fill in those gaps. Clarice remembers the man's face. He's the divorce attorney Krendler hires. 

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Clarice Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Clarice: I just wish that I could remember.
Ardelia: It's not on you. It's not on anyone of us. It's on that bastard who put you here.

Clarice: If we're gonna find him ...
Ardelia: Oh, believe me. We're going to find him. You dug in and held on to a piece of him. He can't hide. He's there, under your nails. His DNA.