Searching for a Killer - Claws
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Virginia tells an increasingly fantastical story about the night Roller was killed to a dubious audience. Afterward, Desna blasts her for wildly straying from their plan. Desna takes Virginia home with her as a form of protective custody. Dean announces his plan to become a bodybuilder so he can protect Desna. Jenn urges Bryce not to get involved with the clinic. As Virginia feared, the women at the salon look askance to her. Mandy tries to drop Desna as a client. Uncle Daddy guilts Bryce into helping out at the clinic for a week, while he hunts for Roller's killer. Chip grills Virginia at the salon. Desna and Virginia race to the corner store she supposedly called from, to pay off the cashier before Chip gets there. Quiet Ann is trying to train Dean when she gets accosted by her stalker. Jenn asks Desna to train Bryce at the clinic, and she reluctantly agrees. Desna crashes Mandy's affair and hijacks a bridal party for a bachelorette party. The bridal party and Mandy are mesmerized by Desna and her girls at the bachelorette party, and they eventually end up at She-She's. Kenneth and Bryce get distracted by a seizing patient, and their pills are stolen by a fake delivery man. Uncle Daddy dresses down everyone involved with the clinic and tells them they need to work off his loss. Jenn goes back to smoking, then goes square dancing at the Jewish center.  Mandy calls Desna and tells her she'll find Desna the best salon in town.  Uncle Daddy was behind the whole rip-off, to put everyone in his debt. At the end, a live Roller climbs into bed with Desna.

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Claws Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Virginia: I look like a hero.
Desna: No, you look like a dumb-ass who is going to get us killed.

I got enough on my plate, China Doll. Now I've got to dodge your Doctor Doolittle bullshit.

Desna [to Virginia]