Polly Reconnects - Claws
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Desna's nighttime visit from Roller is yet another of her nightmares. Sally Bates, a socialite that Polly had conned in the past, comes into the salon. Polly, who Sally knows as Heather Milton, explains that she's doing research for a novel she's writing. Uncle Daddy calls to lean on Desna about slow business at the drug clinic. Ken is still obsessing over his ex-wife getting remarried. Desna tells he and Bryce that she wants to move 10 times more product at a higher price, then fronts them $20,000 from the money she stole from Roller. Desna solicits ideas from the girls about how to increase foot traffic at the clinic. Uncle Daddy and Bryce break in on this brainstorming session, as they bring a Titus Industries rep who had had a beef with Roller. Virginia won't identify him, but Uncle Daddy shoots him anyway. Jenn comes home to find Bryce nearly catatonic, after he helped Chip carve up the dead man for the gators. Sally complains to Polly about having to take care of her elderly husband. Jenn appeals to Uncle Daddy about keeping Bryce away from his wet work. Desna and the girls poach customers from Peter Pain, bussing them to the clinic. Polly's plan falls apart when her ankle monitor starts beeping from low batteries. The clinic promotion was a big success. Polly gets revenge with photos of Sally and her boy toy, which she uses for blackmail to get the rest of the cash Desna needs to pay off Uncle Daddy. Toby tells Desna that Bryce and Uncle Daddy are going after Roller's killer. Desna is afraid they're coming after her and Virginia and gets ready to run. She finds out that Bryce suspects Dr.. Ken instead. Bryce abducts a drunk Dr. Ken from his ex-wife's engagement party, which he had crashed.

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Claws Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Virginia: Are you serious?
Jenn: Serious as a pair of spoiled Spanx.

Jenn: Sorry I'm late. I had to drop the girls off at the babysitter's because Bryce came home late.
Customer: He's not cheating on you?
Jenn: No. That was my last husband. Bryce don't cheat.