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Quiet Ann returns after Desna was arrested. Desna gets booked. Arlene and Lucy try to flip Desna. Zlata thinks Boris stole from Ruval. Marnie's mom is returning to Palmetto and wants to see her. Desna calls the salon from jail and tells Polly someone is wearing a wire. Dean is determined he's going to fix things on his own. Arlene leans on Desna to think about Dean. Desna gets a cellmate, Mandy the Realtor, who is now a cocaine addict. Matilde tells Gregory that Zlata plans to take him out. Dr. Ken, who is freaking out, decides to stop writing scripts for his pillbillies. Desna's crew is shredding bank statements. Dean takes his dancing earnings and tries to bail out Desna, but the cop sends him away. Hank has gone crazy, replacing Bryce's photo with his own in all Jenn's photos and cooking for her. The FBI searches the salon. Desna's bail is set at $500,000, which her lawyer says is taken care of by Zlata. Hank wants to move Jenn and the girls to Israel. Dixie Mafia members plan to rob Uncle Daddy of the cocaine, but he convinces them to team up with him against the Russians. Zlata tells Desna everything and wants to team up with her against Gregory. Jenn fools Hank by pretending to order a pizza, but she calls Bryce instead. Desna tells Quiet Ann that Arlene is working for the Feds. Marnie's mother, who claims to be clean, wants her back. Polly figures out Ken was the snitch and breaks up with him. Ann breaks up with Arlene. Bryce tries to rescue Jenn, but Hanks gets the upper hand, then the police arrive. Dean and Virginia move out. Desna tells Zlata she will marry Gregory, then Zlata will kill him, in exchange for three new clinics.

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Claws Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Desna [to Lucy]: I'm not going down for nothing because I didn't do nothing.
Arlene: Poke the bear. That's a smart idea.

Virginia: Dean, are you sure [Desna] was arrested?
Dean: Absolutely positive. I know what an unmarked police car looks like. I watch SVU.