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Roller is helping Desna at a shooting range. Then they start kissing, then screwing. Polly wakes up to discover that not only is Ken gone, but Marnie has gone back to her biological mother. Then her twin sister Lillian chooses to visit. Dean isn't enjoying the noisy motel he and Virginia are staying at after moving out of Desna's mansion. Virginia tries to distract him with sex, but he sees black mold and a cockroach, which breaks his mood. Zlata proposes becoming partners with Desna, and opening clinics all over the state. Bryce proposes moving to Tampa to Jenn. Lillian tracks down Polly at the salon. Everyone but Polly go wedding shopping. Matilde wants to see Desna in the dress she sent, which Desna already burned. Uncle Daddy and his new Dixie Mafia henchmen consider going into the rehab business. Matilde is appalled by Desna's choice of outfit, then approves a traditional gown. Desna figures out that Gregory has assets Zlata doesn't know about. Bryce and Jenn get turned down for a home loan. Desna goes to Gregory's office and learns about all the properties he owns. Uncle Daddy wants to buy Hank's temple for a rehab clinic. Lillian is the manifestation of Polly's breakdown. Hank signs a transfer deed at gunpoint. After stopping Roller from shooting Hank. Bryce stabs him in the neck with a flamingo pen. Polly keeps arguing with Lillian in front of Dr. Ken and her coworkers, then tells Desna to take her to the hospital. Ken admitted to wearing the wire. The doctor says Polly suffered a psychotic break. Uncle Daddy and Roller give Bryce a home loan. Polly said Lillian died when they were 13 when she fell through thin ice after Polly pushed her. Dean asks to give Desna away at her fake wedding. 

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Claws Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Hi, Sis. What do you call that shade of red? Cry for help?

Lillian [to Polly]

Hurry up. I've got a fake wedding to plan.

Desna [to Roller]