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Desna sat outside all night planning her revenge. Arlene is hiding the fact that she is still a police detective from Quiet Ann. Arlene and Lucy tell Dr. Ken they will let Polly walk if he gets Zlata for them. Desna tells Virginia about being betrayed by Zlata and Gregory. Zlata is vodka-boarding Roller to get information about Uncle Daddy's plans. Bryce tells Jenn he wants to be done with Uncle Daddy and move out of town. Zlata threatens Bogdan until Roller tells her that Uncle Daddy killed Chip then hopped a bus to Greensboro. Olga tells Roller Bogdan isn't his son. Desna decides to burn down Gregory's drug warehouse. They come in by boat. Virginia supplies them with animal masks. Zlata comes into the salon, bringing some of her coke-cutters for a special treat. While dousing the warehouse with gasoline, the women hear gunfire. Desna shoots at the door, just missing Uncle Daddy. Clay decides to steal the cocaine instead. Uncle Daddy gets shot during their exit. Zlata gives Jenn stacks of cash to pay for Bryce's hospital bills, which she grudgingly accepts. Gregory calls Zlata about the theft. Ann quits after arguing with Desna about storing the cocaine at the salon. Clay explains to Desna that Gregory and Zlata came after her because her record was clean so she could be licensed to run a clinic. As her husband, Gregory would inherit the license when Desna dies. Gregory picks up Desna for dinner. Desna suggests planting some of the drugs on Boris, to start a war between the Haitians and the Russians. Desna takes Dean to the beach as an alibi. Bryce goes into surgery. Gregory finds a bag of cocaine in Boris's room and has him killed. Arlene arrests Desna, based on Ann's information.

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Claws Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Please, not Zlata. Do you have any idea how lethal that woman is? I heard she murdered a family of five and turned them into life-sized nesting dolls.

Dr. Ken [to Arlene and Lucy]

Still sleeping with the enemy, huh? It's going to get messy.

Lucy [to Arlene]